Mar 312010

Today is an important day.  It’s the 15th anniversary of when Microsoft Bob went on sale.  Some of you may not be old enough to remember Microsoft Bob.  It was supposed to produce a “non-technical interface” to MS Windows.  In reality because synonymous with complete and total failure because it was a total flop.  The project was led by Melinda French who you know better as Melinda Gates, Bill Gates’s wife.  You could look at this as a bizarre form of bailing out a woman.

Despite being a total failure, Bob stayed around in Microsoft software.  The annoying paperclip, Clippy, that used to be in MS Office several versions  ago is a direct descendant of Bob and a total failure as well.  In fact it wasn’t until Vista that Bob was completely eliminated from all Microsoft software.

Go out and be happy you aren’t using Bob.

  3 Responses to “Microsoft Bob”

  1. I feel like a freak for actually liking Clippy.

    He was my knight in shining armour me when I needed to type a letter. Always there for me. Hiding when I told him to like a good boy.

  2. LOL.

    I’m male and I liked Clippy too. Not that he was particularily helpful – the Help system was broken and was never really properly fixed through several versions of Office. But there was something about that dumb, but happy paper clip with big eyes that made me smile. You could always count on clippy, cheerful and lobotomized to be there to try and help make your day better. The fact that once in a blue moon, he might actually help you solve an issue was just icing on the cake.
    The other icons you could change him to didn’t do much to encourage you to switch anyway. Who needs to see the Microsoft symbol? Who wants a retarded version of Einstein? I think the stupid dog ended up in the search box for Microsoft XP.
    Anyway, with Clippy it really was that you either loved him or hated him.
    PMAFT is often cool, even if he is a clippy hata :)

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