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Since this is coming from David Alexander it doesn’t necessarily have much meaning, but he says (about me), “You are an alpha, not an idiotic anti-social dysfunctional sub-human male that’s clumsy and bumbling and incapable of making a basic decision.”  I decided to start a poll about it.

Am I an alpha?

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  17 Responses to “David Alexander called me an alpha”

  1. Incomplete data.
    Alpha is 3D.
    Decline to state.

  2. Somewhere in the middle. More so alpha than beta though.

  3. Asking other people if you are alpha is by definition, not alpha.

    • I’m not really concerned about the actual answer. I’m doing what I want with my life (within reason) and that’s the important thing. I thought it was hilarious that David Alexander just said, “you’re an alpha” like that. Of course, it’s David Alexander so a significant portion of men are “alpha” compared to him. I am surprised I am getting as many yes votes as I am. I was expecting mostly nos.

  4. Sigma male

  5. Then you should have done your poll thus:

    I am alpha

    Do you challenge my authority?


  6. You’re an asshole but in a good way. :) Yep you’re an alpha.

  7. You’re an alpha compared to me. But, so is David Alexander.

  8. The whole Alpha thing is utter bullshit. It come from the study of wolf packs. Female mate selection is irrational and borderline mentally ill.

    Female mate selection had a minimal influence on partner selection outcomes simply because most couplings where arranged.

    Females are mentally ill and maladaptive in the modern environment, their mate selection means nothing in regards to a mans character.

    Shaming none alphas as sub human is disguising bitch logic. (I will use the term high value male, instead of alpha for the rest of the article, I hate the term.) High value males are just males that women perceive as high value. Women will select a druggie thug over a stable humble men with a good career. I am not saying the traits a women are attracted to are immoral but they are completely amoral.

    Women do not understand what good character is, because most of them are fucked up hostile dysfunctional creatures. It is bitch logic to attack and shame men for not being selected by women. Some of the best minds and men in history where not popular with women. A lot of PUA’s and Game theory believers are basically women.

    I believe being hyper macho is being hyper feminine. If you study female behaviour closely, you will see most of them are socially aggressive and have poor social skills. Hyper macho thugs are more likely to come from a single mother or female dominated house hold, they hyper macho dysfunction is learned from females.

    • So as per usual the anti-gamers havent got a clue what game is …

      Men arent shamed for being selected by women, being beta is commentary on their leveraging masculinty to benefit himself

      Most guys couldnt care less, if theyre selected by women or not, hence video games, virtual sex

      Also your confusing feral masculinity, that is men damaged by single mothers as macho

      Real macho men ie Sean Connery have excellent social skills precisely because theyre socially aggressive,

      Compare that to the introverted beta with ludicrously poor communication skils, who routinely goes postal & over reacts to over everything

      Case in point, beta’s are hundreds of times more likely to white knight & pick fights with guys for women

      As opposed to the real macho guy, who negs his women, or flat out ignores them

      As usual women like tamerlane disguise theyre hate for REAL masculine men, who refuse to take shit from women, by labelling them as hyper macho

      • Game doesn’t exist, it is rich more poor man fallacy applied to dating.

        You are making an unproven assertion about betas white knight more than alphas? Beta and Alpha doesn’t exist.

        You do have high value males who are more successful with women. Apart from the smart ones who hump and dump, most of them are pro women.

        I don’t hate real masculine men, men with self control and self respect. You are not a masculine man, because you use female type shaming tactics. They don’t work on me coming from feminists, do you think they will work coming from you?

        I got great communication skills myself. Great communication skills has nothing to do with getting pussy. You are just telling the same bullshit that females do to rationalize female gaslighting of men. (Women do not tell men what they really like, they often lie about it and often behave flighty.)

        Women love thugs and bad boys. The men often have bad self control.

        Men with good self control and good communication skills are ignored. Your bitch logic proves to me that you are nothing more than a crypto feminist. Attacking men that women don’t like makes you female centric. A women’s opinion of men means nothing, women have no morals, they are completely amoral empty creatures.

        Hyper masculine is another word for feral. The hyper macho is the hyper feminine, he is the brainless thug in service to females.

      • “As usual women like tamerlane disguise theyre hate for REAL masculine men, who refuse to take shit from women, by labelling them as hyper macho”

        Sad strong man posturing, lolol

        • Tamerlame, how I am glad to see you here at PMAFT! Look up the Androgynous Fallacy, it answers why things such as UBI effectively won’t exist for men. When women get UBI, men get nothing but more taxes.

        • no it doesn’t

          I have read that already.

          it answers why men block UBI for men, while allowing it for women.

          Also the Androgynous fallacy is just a pretext to block men from welfare, and double down on right wing politics.

          Pro Male Anti Feminist tech is an interesting blog, but his world view is highly flawed. He believes in the misandry bubble, and therefore relationships between men and women self correcting.

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