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Valentines Day Vagina Day has passed and like all Vagina Days, it involved lots of men supplicating before women.  In other words there are a lot men who should be dumping the women they’re with but they don’t.  You may be one of those men.  Let’s take a look at two (admittedly extreme) examples of men who need to dump their women, post haste.  The first example comes from here (which I talked about on my blog a while back).

Recently, my girlfriend of two months came up to me with a request for something foul. She wants me to try scat with her. Before I continue, let me say something. If you don’t know what scat is then trust me when I say that you don’t want to find out. Take my advice and don’t read this thread. When my girlfriend explained to me what scat is, I threw up right away, and I’ve been shaking ever since. So, believe me when I say that you don’t want to know what it is. If you aren’t planning on taking that advice, then know that you’re following at your own risk.

My girlfriend wants to poop in my mouth and have me eat it and swallow it. That’s what scat is. It’s the most horrific thing I’ve heard of, and my girlfriend wants to try it on me this saturday. She wants me to fulfill her desire. And I agreed to do it. She told me that if I’m not willing to do this for her, then I’m not a real boyfriend, that I don’t love her, and that we should break up. And, well… I love her. And when you love someone, you do these kinds of things for them. My girlfriend has been stuffing her face full of everything from bean burritos to chili, with plenty of laxatives thrown in for good measure. She wants to pull out the biggest crap of her life, just for me. I don’t think there’s any backing out at this point. Come this Saturday, my girlfriend wants to execute the greatest display of control and female empowerment on me that she possibly can by using me as a toilet. And there’s nothing that I can do about it now because I love her and I don’t want to disappoint. I’m just so terrified that I need help and some people to talk to.

I have to admit I’m not sure this is something that really happened.  However, I am sure something similar is happening to a guy (or many guys), especially with the standard shaming language that is being used.  While there is a joke that can be made about a literal “shit test” here, the fact is we have a man who has been bombarded with messages about how he’s a loser without a woman.  He needs to dump his girlfriend’s sorry ass.  Let’s take a look at the second example I found:

This my be a little long winded so I apologize in advance. My wife and I have been married for 5 years and I recently came back from a very long deployment over in Iraq. Shortly after I returned she confessed to me that she had been cheating while I was away but that it was all just a purely sexual fulfillment thing. After the shock and hurt wore off my understanding side came out and I basically told her that every woman has needs and that I understood and forgave her. She then hesitantly told me that she was without a doubt pregnant by one of them. Not him, but “one of them” she said.

Now the real confessions came out. Come to find out that during the year that I was deployed and gone she had numerous sexual flings with several guys. Once in a while she would have a one night stand but most of them were “friends with benefits” type situations or just plain old “Booty Calls” where they just used each other with no real friendship. When I asked her to tell me exactly how many guys she had slept with while I was gone she couldn’t give me an exact number. She just agreed that it was “more than a dozen”.

Now let me say this. At this point I’m still being the understanding and forgiving husband. I realize that while I was away at war she was extremely stressed.. wondering if I was going to get injured or killed. OK I get that. I forgive her for all of her flings no matter how many.

Heres what I have the problem with in all of this. Shes pregnant by another guy and doesn’t have a clue who’s it is. Not that it matters really but it just makes it even more wrong that she doesn’t know whose it is. And why is she pregnant in the first place? Because she has an IUD she never ever used condoms with any of the guys that she had sex with… ever. She says she didn’t think it was necessary with an IUD.. well obviously it was.

Before or during sex with these other guys she just either never mentioned pulling out to them or if they asked, she just left it up to them. Hmm.. if given the choice I wonder what the guys will do? Hmm. Of course they’re not going to pull out if given the option.. obviously because none of them did!

Now my wife is absolutely gorgeous..without a doubt. So I dont hold it against any of the guys for sleeping with her. However I do have a problem with something. She swears that she not only told every guy that she was married before she slept with them, but she also told them that her husband was over in Iraq fighting for our country. So they all knew that she was married and they still slept with her.. Ok, no shocker there.. But what amazes me I guess is that they knew I was over fighting in war, for America, risking my life every day while they used my wife for their sexual pleasure not even caring the slightest bit if they got her pregnant. Talk about thinking with your c**k!

Yet still Im not blaming them. She offered it and they accepted. They got their rocks off, some of them once, most of them coming back for more over and over again. I honestly cant say I blame them at all. She is hard to resist. 90% of the blame lies on her.. I get that..I really do

Before I say anything else let me tell you that Ive made the decision to forgive her for all of this and work on our marriage. I know without a doubt I can do it and that we can get past this. I really do. I love her more than life itself and am ok with what she did under the tough circumstances. The sleeping with all the other guys part doesnt bother me as much as the fact that she is pregnant by someone else. You may not agree or understand my decision to stay with her but Ive made it.

My(our) biggest decision, which is really why I am writing for advice here it what to do about the baby. Our 3 options are to either have an abortion, give it up for adoption, or raise it as my own. Shes already had 2 abortions in her past, once during college and one right before we met. Adoption I think would be tough on both of us. Being with her the whole 9 months that the baby is growing in her and then giving it up.. Dont know if either one of us can do that. The 3rd choice is to have the baby and raise it as my own. My friends and family would have to think that it was my baby though.. And I have no idea how I would feel being with my wife while she was pregnant from another man. Will it bother me? Be a constant thorn? A constant reminder of her sleeping with these other men? Would it end up turning me on for some reason? I have no clue.. Any thoughts from anyone?

This man is married so he is stuck from a practical perspective.  Dumping his wife’s sorry ass means a divorce which despite the fact that she was cheating on him with multiple men while he was in Iraq, he still will lose half or more of his assets and possibly his freedom.  In addition, if his wife keeps the baby he will be paying for child support despite the fact that the baby is not his and that there is no way it could be his since he was in Iraq.  However, this man’s problems go deeper.  Look at all the ways he is making excuses for his wife.  He is also pretending he has a choice when it comes to keeping the baby vs. adoption or abortion.  He doesn’t.  His pathetic excuse for a wife has all the power there.  What he needs to hope for is that his wife has an abortion so that he can divorce her afterwards with a minimum of problems.

Experts in game will tell you about push-pull techniques to keep women interested in you.  This sort of misses the point.  The point is having a backbone.  Both these men are lacking a backbone.  The first man should dump his girlfriend’s sorry ass immediately.  The second man needs more of a strategy since he’s married, but he should do the same.  We should not be reading their weak willed writings.  We should be reading how they have dumped (or will dump) their women’s sorry asses.  Maybe she will beg to you to take her back.  Maybe not.  However, the important thing is that you stand up for yourself.

Many of you men reading this may be thinking, “My woman isn’t that great, but at least I’m not those guys”.  These examples may be more extreme than what you’re going through.  However, is it really that different?  Just because your woman isn’t treating as bad as these guys are treated, it doesn’t mean that your woman isn’t treating you like crap.  If you’re man in a similar situation even if its only 1% as bad as these two guys, why are you letting it happen?  If you’re married, you have some hard decisions to make.  If not, then what you need to do is easy.  Isn’t it time you grew a backbone and dumped her sorry ass?

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