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My latest post for The Spearhead is up.  As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

(This post is the result of this post on my blog about hypnosis and a follow up post on the same subject.)

I find debating feminists to be a waste of time usually.  It’s like fighting the Iran-Iraq War from the perspective of Iran or Iraq.  A lot of time and energy gets wasted with no real results at the end.  Feminists aren’t going to listen to our logic and reason, and we are not going to obey feminist insanity.  Denise Romano is a primary example of this.  It’s a waste of time to debate a known spammer and someone who says outright lies such as, “MRA blogs that enthusiastically incite rape and celebrate rape as a mens’ right”.

Another problem with debating feminists is accidentally conceding points because you’re busy making an argument about something else.  Most of debate with Denise Romano is about whether moral or ethical issues of game.  No one was asking the question of is everything that Denise Romano claiming even possible.  This is important because Denise Romano is claiming that there are PUAs using hypnosis to get women to have sex with them.  Hypnosis can’t be used to get someone to have sex with you (unless they already want to have sex with you in which case it’s redundant).  It simply will not work.

Hypnosis requires three things to happen:

  1. The subject must WANT to be hypnotized.
  2. The subject must BELIEVE he or she can be hypnotized.
  3. The subject must eventually feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you don’t want to be hypnotized, you can’t be hypnotized.  This means that hypnosis can not be used as a seduction technique ever.  The only case where it would work is when a person has already been seduced in which case there is no point in using hypnosis because it would be redundant and a waste of time.  Denise Romano is claiming that there are men out there that can forcibly hypnotize women against their will despite the fact that this is impossible.

Clearly, forced hypnosis is impossible.  If it was possible, a few guys trying to get laid would be the least of anyone’s problems.  We would see murderers who would instead hypnotize their victims into killing themselves, criminals who would rob people and banks by forced hypnosis to make people want to hand over their money, governments using forced hypnosis to gather intelligence, etc.  None of this is happening, and this is what the world would look like if Denise Romano was actually correct.

Since I banned her from my blog for being a spammer, Denise Romano responded to my first post on her blog.  Most of her response had nothing to do with anything I said, but Denise Romano claimed that “hypnosis professionals” agreed with her, and this was documented on Lady Raine’s blog.  If this was really the case, why is it only on LR’s blog and why was there no link to these “hypnosis professionals”?  We can figure out the answer to that, but I did a google search for the word hypnosis on LR’s blog.  I found no links to “hypnosis professionals”.  In fact, I only found three minimally relevant links.  The first was to some nut job who makes the same claim as Denise Romano but without any actual evidence.  That link also contains nonsense statements like, “but actually 7080% of us are receptive to some hypnotic suggestions”.  The second was a link to an anti-scientology website which had to do with people who voluntarily underwent hypnosis.  The third was a link to someone trying to sell a system using hypnosis so you can get laid.  Again, there is no proof that it works.  There are plenty of websites out there that claim to have products that will enlarge your penis, and they don’t work either so vigorous claims don’t mean anything.

Even “hypnosis professionals” can be very questionable.  A few years ago, Penn & Teller on their Bullshit! show on the Showtime channel did an episode on hypnosis (which you can watch here).  They showed how hypnosis is very problematic in terms of how well it works even when its voluntary.  Even when people want to be hypnotized to stop smoking or lose weight, it only works when that person was highly motivated beforehand.  Penn & Teller also talked to a “hypnosis professional” who claimed among other things that hypnosis could make your penis bigger, and she had a hypnosis tape to do that.  Knowing that even talking to “hypnosis professionals” may not tell you the truth about hypnosis.

The fact is that it’s impossible to force a hypnotic state on anyone.  You can’t hypnotize anyone against their will.  Denise Romano when she claims otherwise against the body of scientific evidence about hypnosis is claiming men have found a way to perform the impossible.  In essence, she is trying to start a moral panic which tells you everything you need to know about her.

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