Feb 112010

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When debating feminists or even just reading or listening to their drivel, they are guaranteed at some point to make a reference (really several references) to their “education”.  As we know this is meant to convince us (unsuccessfully) that they are intelligent and have knowledge.  The fact that feminists went to school or received a degree does not mean that they are intelligent or have knowledge.  That is obvious from the fact that they fail to grasp basic concepts such as cause and effect and supply and demand.  (Neither concept really requires that much intelligence, knowledge or education to understand.)  Many of their degrees are in “women’s studies” which is about indoctrination and not knowledge or they got their degrees through affirmative action or some other form of female privilege.  In either case, having a degree does not mean these feminists (and other women) received much if any education.

Since we know that they didn’t receive an education, a new word is needed to describe the process of going to school, receiving a degree without gaining any real knowledge or education.  I propose, credentialation.

They have gone through a process that on the surface seems similar to getting an education, but all they have done is received a credential that is supposed to mean they have received knowledge in a particular subject.   However, no real knowledge was gained, but these women are able to use the “credential” to act as if they actually received the knowledge the credential claims. They can’t even master 10 fun typing games for kids.

Credentialation doesn’t automatically mean some type of indoctrination happened, but in many cases it did.  A degree in “women’s studies” is a good example.  Classes in “women’s studies” do not impart any actual knowledge, but plenty of anti-male propaganda is presented (indoctrination).  Many degrees in liberal arts fields also have indoctrination with anti-male propaganda but to a much lesser extent.  Working for a degree in those fields can also be a credentialation since its possible to skate by on anti-male propaganda.  It’s also possible to get a credentialation in an engineering field or the sciences, but this is more difficult since both those areas deal with the real world and thus require students in those fields to produce real, tangible results.  However, due to “women in engineering” programs and other affirmative action for women, it’s still possible to get a credentialation and not an education in engineering and the sciences.

The are a couple of good ways to test if someone received a credentialation or an education.  The more someone mentions their degrees as an argument the more likely they received a credentialation.  If despite receiving a degree, it’s obvious that person didn’t gain any knowledge (particularly if they don’t understand basic knowledge about how things works), then they received a credentialation.  Feminists are likely to fail the first test and will definitely fail the second.

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