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Let’s review the three things hypnosis requires:

  1. The subject must WANT to be hypnotized.
  2. The subject must BELIEVE he or she can be hypnotized.
  3. The subject must eventually feel comfortable and relaxed.

Denise Romano actually responded the my last post, if you can call it a response.  Only the first paragraph has anything to do with what I actually said which is par for the course with Denise Romano.  Here is that paragraph:

You’re mistaken. Many NLP and hypnosis professionals have already weighed in on this. Their responses are on Lady Raine’s blog.

Where is the link to these “hypnosis professionals”?  Why do I have to search LR’s blog to find them?  I did a search for the word hypnosis on LR’s blog (you can do the same search at this link) to find these “hypnosis professionals”.  After doing a find on the word, hypnosis, on the pages for posts that came up, I found nothing from any type of “hypnosis professional”.  Here are the only actual links I found.  First, was this link which doesn’t prove that a hypnotic state can be forced on anyone.  Vigorous assertions aren’t evidence.  The link also contains nonsense like, “7080% of us are receptive to some hypnotic suggestions”.  Second was an anti-scientology website, and that only had to do with people being voluntarily hypnotized since these were scientologists agreeing to an “auditing” procedure.  Sure the “audit” like the rest of scientology is crap, but no one is having an audit forced on them against their will (thus again proving hypnosis can only be voluntary).  The third is this link which claims that you can seduce women with hypnosis, but there is still no proof coming from this individual.  If we believe random claims on the internet then all that penis enlargement spam we all get would be true.

It’s time to bring in Penn & Teller.  Penn & Teller have a show on Showtime (in the US, other channels elsewhere) called Bullshit! where they expose various forms of bullshit.  They did an episode on hypnosis which you can watch here.  It’s about half an hour and filled with very good information on hypnosis.  They talked to an actual hypnotist who explained how hypnosis is an agreement between the hypnotist and the person being hypnotized.  That’s the only way it can work.  A person must want to be hypnotized to be able to be hypnotized.  Penn & Teller also talked to hypnotists who using hypnosis to try and get people to stop smoking and lose weight.  It turns out such hypnosis can only work when the person already is highly motivated to stop smoking or lose weight.  In other words hypnosis has limits even on people who want to be hypnotized.  If it can’t work in these cases how can hypnosis work to seduce a woman who doesn’t want to be seduced?  It can’t.

Penn & Teller also pointed out how the US government tried to use hypnosis to have people assassinate Fidel Castro.  Obviously, that was a complete failure.  They also talked to a few “hypnosis professionals” who made silly claims like hypnosis can enlarge your penis.  (I’m not kidding.  Watch the episode.)  If these are the “hypnosis professionals” Denise Romano is claiming are backing her up, then you have more proof positive that Denise Romano is full of crap.

Like I said before it is impossible to force a hypnotic state on someone.  Thus, hypnosis can’t be used to seduce someone who doesn’t want to be seduced by the person attempting to seduce them.  If they want to be seduced by that person then hypnosis is pointless and redundant.  Denise Romano is claiming a few bozos trying to get laid have successfully found a way to force hypnosis on someone where all actual research into the subject could not find a way.  Effectively, she is claiming that a single guy knowing game could cause more destruction than any national government that has nuclear weapons because these guys succeeded where major governments all failed.  This is how absurd Denise Romano is being.

  9 Responses to “Penn & Teller Say That Denise Romano is Full of BS”

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  3. Excellent… enjoyed reading your breakdown here and on your other related post.

  4. Romano’s a dangerous pyscho. She’s the type that’ll have sex with guy, then when he doesn’t follow up with flowers and candy, will claim rape. She’s bullshit and a con-artist with no integrity.

  5. I agree. The woman is out of her mind. Mindless information with nothing to support it. Scary though she claims rape after sex because you didn’t bring her flowers and candy? Not shocked but that is scary. Good reading.

  6. Very good post. This woman is off her rocker. Given how hypnosis is portrayed in the media, this is easy to see how some people fall for this claptrap. Just the other day I watched a CSI episode were a woman was robbing banks and forcing people to give her money and even commit suicide using post-hypnotic suggestions.

    I will say that hypnosis after or during seduction isn’t redundant or pointless. Erotic hypnosis can intensify perceptions and render experiences that are impossible otherwise. (See David Shade) I’d say that alone makes it essential to the quality of the experience. All the better that it requires the cooperation of the subject.

  7. There is also a link to a UK (male) MD who states that “hopefully, using hypnosis as a method of seduction will now be considered as much of a crime as alcohol inhibited behaviour”: http://www.medsci.ox.ac.uk/gazette/previousissues/56vol1/Part8

  8. Have sex when a female is tipsy or otherwise “alcohol inhibited” is not a crime. She has to be so drunk that she’s incapable of speaking or knowing what’s going on. Even one drink reduces social inhibitions — that’s one of the main reasons that drinking is so common in social gatherings and meet up places.

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