Feb 132010

Steve Jobs iPad Koolaid

Here is paradise, you will find no hardware from Apple.  There are no macs, no ipods, no iphones or any other Apple hardware in paradise.  If you own any Apple hardware, you are not in paradise.

You should know by now that Apple is the SWPL (Stuff White People Like) computer producer.  It’s number 40 on the Stuff White People Like list.  Just look at the picture of Steve Jobs with the new ipad maxipad above on the left.  (Don’t ask me if I think the maxipad will do well.  I don’t make predictions based on a man with his own reality distortion field.)  He is wearing one of the SWPL uniforms.  In addition to being very SWPL, Macs are now very female (which is connected to their SWPLness) at least according to fellow Spearhead contributor Whiskey:

Finally, Apple stores. They used to be (2001-2007) male dominated places where geeks and nerds and the tragically hip all mingled. NOW? Its a total estrogen fest. I went there recently and helped out a guy buying a new Mac. About 75% of the salespeople were women, and about 85% of the customers were women. Macs are very “girly” now. Which is sad.

The kool aid part of the picture above came from this link that has a similar view as mine about Apple hardware.  (I recommend you read that page.)  He talks about someone who is excited to be a part of the “mac community” after 35 days of owning a mac and correctly points out that its a computer and not a social movement.  This is an extension of the SWPLness of macs.  I’m not going to own a mac because I’m not interested in being part of that kind of a “community”, especially when its led by a man with a reality distortion field (hence the koolaid pic).

As Apple becomes more SWPL it’s no surprise that Apple hardware is getting more locked down.  Apple is declaring war on tinkerers. If you want to do something that isn’t approved by Apple (or AT&T in some cases because Apple decided to hog tie themselves to AT&T in the US) you’re out of luck.  Some people will claim that Apple is associated with “free thinking creativity”.  They’re wrong.  All of the supposedly “free thinking” artists, musicians, and “creative professionals” are not free thinking.  They have beholden themselves to political correctness and SWPL thinking.  It makes them a perfect fit for Apple.  Groupthink runs deep in the Apple world which is why Apple can’t allow iPhone apps that mention Android and Steve Jobs flings shit at Adobe and Google.

I know quite a few people who are really into things like free software and open source software.  Being extremely into software freedom, they avoid Apple whenever they can.  They might want to use their computers in non-Apple approved ways.

I know I will might be accused of being PC, Microsoft, Intel, Linux, Adobe, and/or Google shill for writing this post.  It’s not that I’m pro any of those things.  I’m against the Apple way (a SWPL way) of doing things.

  3 Responses to “Apple: The SWPL Computer Company”

  1. A few years ago, when I talked to dark coloured female friend of mine.
    She wanted me to go with a Mac.

    She gave me this warning, never trust a woman of colour when she uses the male bashing routine, or the latina/black shtick routine. Boy she was right.

  2. […] already told you why Apple is the SWPL computer company.  Here’s another reason.  The COO of Apple said, “the iPad’s maxipad’s […]

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