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I have stayed out of the Denise Romano battles (except for this post at The Spearhead to make a somewhat related point) because it’s like fighting the Iran-Iraq War from the perspective of either Iran or Iraq.  What I mean is that a lot of energy gets wasted for absolutely nothing.  Despite the fact that logic and reason are on our side, we’re not going to convince Denise Romano (or many other women).  And Denise Romano’s insanity isn’t going to convince us.

I came across Denise Romano’s latest drivel by accident.  Of course, it’s all crap, but one thing she said caught my attention:

There are specific PUA books, e-newsletters, trainings, DVDs, lairs, bootcamps, and other “trainings” given by PUA “schools”…which also advocate the use of hypnosis

I done read or watch PUA literature so I can’t say if they really advocate the use of hypnosis or not.  However, I would be very surprised if they did because hypnosis requires 3 things:

  1. The subject must WANT to be hypnotized.
  2. The subject must BELIEVE he or she can be hypnotized.
  3. The subject must eventually feel comfortable and relaxed.

It is impossible to hypnotize someone that doesn’t want to be hypnotized or doesn’t believe they can be hypnotized.

If any PUA is using hypnosis then they are wasting their time.  Either the PUA has already been successful and hypnosis is pointless and redundant or the woman the PUA is after doesn’t want him and will refuse to be hypnotized.  Denise Romano claims that use of hypnosis is “abusive”.  How can it be?

Hypnosis only works on someone who already wants to be hypnotized.

Think about this.  If you could force a hypnotic state on someone, PUAs using hypnosis to get laid would be the least of society’s problems.  You would have people who would force a hypnotic state on a victim to make the victim “voluntarily” give hand over their money.  We’re talking a weapon that can be used in murders, bank robberies, and every other crime out there.  If hypnosis worked the way Denise Romano described, the world would look a lot different because everyone would be in constant fear of being hypnotized.  (Fortunately for all of us, hypnosis doesn’t work the way Denise Romano says it does.)  What this means is that Denise Romano is effectively saying is that hypnosis can only be forced on women by men trying to get laid.  Knowing this, Denise Romano is either insane or a liar because the only reason such a claim about hypnosis would be made is to criminalize any attempt by men to have sex or have relationships.

In her post, Denise Romano also had a link (which she seems to endorse) to someone saying that hypnosis as a “method of seduction” should be made illegal.  That would be a pointless law since hypnosis can’t be used as a method of seduction since it can’t be forced on anyone.  This is a level of totalitarianism that is beyond anything we have seen in the last century.  It makes Stalin look like a beacon of freedom.

  9 Responses to “Absolute Proof that Denise Romano is Insane or a Liar”

  1. Denise Romano is nuts. I wonder if women like her realize some women actually like men and might even genuinely want to “be with” men if you catch my drift. Her logic is ludicrous when it comes to men and women having *consensual* sex.

  2. Killer find, dude. You may want to consider posting this at The Spearhead.

    Your claim is similar to the one Robert Greene made in The Art of Seduction – only those who WANT to be seduced (unconsciously if not consciously) can be seduced.

    • Your claim is similar to the one Robert Greene made in The Art of Seduction – only those who WANT to be seduced (unconsciously if not consciously) can be seduced.

      I can’t speak to the idea that only those who want to be seduced can be seduced. However, I know it’s true with hypnosis since decades of research have proven it.

  3. Yep, I happen to know that one can’t be hypnotized conventionally unless they want to be, brainwashing is a bit different and takes a LOT longer and would involve kidnapping and missing persons reports to be against their will.

    But yes, even those who WANT to be hypnotized have a hard time of doing it occasionally, it varies by person. How do I know this? No reason, no reason at all 😉

  4. She is baboon insane.

    Trouble is, that is the sort of batshit Stalinist who will actually try and make something like negging illegal. ( Face it, you US guys can’t even contact foreign women because of insanity like the type that Romano advocates ).

    Watching a world go down the toilet …..

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  7. […] post is the result of this post on my blog about hypnosis and a follow up post on the same […]

  8. Denise isn’t that bad, I disagree with her on some stuff but she doesn’t hate men.

    Lets face it when you talk about overcoming last minute resistance and you don’t even consider that maybe the woman doesn’t really want to have sex, and if you pressure her she will feel guilty…….your being an asshole.

    Let’s not disagree with Denise just too disagree.

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