Jan 312010

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Recently, I wrote on my blog about about an article from Reason Magazine (found via our own EW’s blog) that said that the primary class war is now between public sector employees and private sector employees.  The article explains how government jobs are now better paid, have better benefits, have platinum plated pensions, and in some cases are even effectively exempt from some laws such as various traffic laws.  I made the observation that this meant the primary class war was now between men and women because public sector employment is now mostly female.  Public sector employment is now a vehicle for promoting female supremacism.

This also means that organized labor has also become a vehicle for promoting female supremacism.  It used to be that organized labor was made up of men working in the private sector.  In fact, unionization of government employees at the federal level wasn’t even allowed until 1962.  Over time, private sector unionization has gone down while public sector unionization has gone up.  For the first last year, a majority of unionized workers have jobs in the public sector (making up 52% of unionized workers) instead of the private sector.  As a result, unions have become more and more about political activism for raising taxes and increasing unsustainable government spending.  There are many examples of this.  In Arizona, the Arizona Education Association (the teachers’ union in Arizona) successfully lobbied against repeal of a $250 million a year statewide property tax and identified another $2.1 billion in tax increases to forestall spending reductions.  In California, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) spent $1 million on a television ad campaign pressing for higher oil, gas, and liquor taxes.  In Maine, the Maine Municipal Association, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the Teamsters, and the Maine Education Association collectively spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to campaign against a ballot initiative in November 2009 that would prevent government spending from growing faster than the combined rate of inflation and population growth and require the government to return excess revenues as tax rebates.  In Oregon last week, there were two ballot initiatives to raise personal and business taxes that passed.  Ninety percent of the advertising promoting a yes vote was provided by public employee unions who also made sure that the money that will be collected from the tax increases will go into benefits for public sector employees.

Knowing that the public sector workforce is predominately female, this means that all of these tax increases with increased spending on public sector employees are effectively acting as a transfer of wealth from men to women.  It’s no surprise that state branches of the National Education Association (the teachers’ union) come up again and again when it comes to increasing taxes to spend on government employees as the teaching profession and by extension the membership of the NEA is predominately female.  These are the reasons why organized labor has become another arm of female supermacism.

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