Jan 282010

You may not have noticed, but Denise Romano spammed this blog with her standard BS about game being rape. She did it in the previous post.  As that was about the most off topic you could be for that post and that it was a copy and paste of something she posted on multiple blogs, it fits the definition of spam.  I marked the comment as spam which is why it’s no longer there and banned Denise Romano from posting here again.

Because of this, I decided to write up a comment policy.  Basically, it’s no spam, no sockpuppeting, and no posting of personal info that a person doesn’t want revealed about himself with some language about how I reserve the right to edit or delete comments and ban anyone as I see fit.  However, as long as you don’t violate the three rules, that won’t happen outside of something really extreme.

  5 Responses to “Denise Romano spammed my blog: New Comment Policy”

  1. She/it did the same at my blog. I didn’t know who she/it was until I saw Obsidian did some long post on her. Said something about knowing the rape laws in my state or something. I was like well, my GF is over 18 and is always wanting it, so I think I’m okay. Just so you know Denise/Dennis, I do ask my GF a half dozen times if it’s okay for me to “put it in” just to be sure, and I get her to sign affidavits.

  2. A better comment policy would be “no Denise Romano”. =)

  3. It appears the reptile aliens and the gray aliens are in conflict.

    There is hope for humanity yet, unless this is a trick to lure out the freedom fighters.

    Damn you tricksy, shapeshifting, probe wielding alien infiltrators!

    Earth for Humans!

  4. Yeah, made me realise I don’t have a comment policy. Just wrote one.

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