Dec 112009

I have some haters to talk about.

First is Susan Walsh who you might know from Hooking Up Smart.  She called me a dick (which has become a reoccurring theme), and said that I’m incapable of relating to women as more than “cum dumpsters”.  This had me laughing.  You guys have read my posts on this.  You can determine for yourself if I only relate to women as “cum dumpsters”.  What’s really funny about what Susan Walsh said is that if she’s correct, then the reason why I have been able to get women now is because I only relate to women as “cum dumpsters” now.  I suspect this isn’t what Susan Walsh wanted to say.

Second is a piece of hate email from “Catherine”.  Read it below:

You deserve an award for douchebag goodness.  You are the biggest douchebag ever.  You ain’t going to get me on me saying you have a small penis.  I know your penis isn’t small.  I know you’re tall & good looking & very smart & very well endowed.  I once had a boyfriend exactly like you that was all of that.  He was so well endowed like 10 inches endowed.  He screwed me with his giant endowment hurting me.  I can see you so clearly.  You love hurting women during sex.  You guys promote large penis propaganda.  I thought the pain was pleasure until a lesbian told me the truth.

With your large penis lies you will always have a stream of cum dumpster servant girls.  Feminists like me are going to stop you well endowed guys pleasure-pain rape of women.  Real men date feminists.

I really enjoyed reading this piece of hate email.  It deserves an award for creativity.  It’s easy to tell me I have a small zucchini.  It’s harder to turn having a large zucchini into an insult but “Catherine” did.  For all of my haters out there, this is the new gold standard you must aspire to.

I deserve an award for “douchebag goodness”???  Clearly “Catherine” has never seen any of that new Jersey Shore series.  There’s no way I can be more of a douchebag than any guido or guidette.  I never given myself a nickname ever much less one like “the situation”.  (Yes, that’s an actual nickname that one of the guidos gave himself.)

Not only am I a “charter member” of the Illuminati and a reptile alien, I’m also part of some sort of conspiracy of men with large zucchinis.  This is a conspiracy so successful that we all “pleasure-pain rape” women with our large dicks, and they believe they like it.  I don’t know if this is the strangest thing I have ever heard, but its close.  That reminds me.  I have a meeting of the large dick conspiracy this weekend where we will once again measure our large dicks and discuss new ways to “pleasure-pain rape” women.

And “cum dumpster servant girls”???  Why are the terms “cum dumpster” and “douchebag” coming up this much?  Both of those are terms Susan Walsh uses plenty.  I doubt she wrote the hate email from “Catherine” because why would she, but it does seem like an odd coincidence.

If you will excuse me, I’m seeing my “cum dumpster servant girls” soon, and I want to get ready to “pleasure-pain rape” them with my 10 inch zucchini and make them think they like it.

  24 Responses to “Haters: Susan Walsh and Hate Mail”

  1. I have a meeting of the large dick conspiracy this weekend where we will once again measure our large dicks and discuss new ways to "pleasure-pain rape" women.
    Is this meeting before or after the Evil White Men Patriarchy meeting to discuss new ways to hold minorities down and to bring wife beating back like the male paradise that was the 1950s? How ever do you fit all of these conspiracies to rule the world and practice mind control into your schedule PM/AFT? You need to share you time management techniques. 😉

  2. Susan Walsh is the walking definition of a functional idiot.

    When can we expect the establishment of the reptile alien hegemony?

  3. God dude, you attract the funniest haters. I'm envious.

  4. Dude,

    If you forget to bring the keg to the meeting this time, I am kicking you out of "Zucchini Club for Men (and Reptile aliens) and you will have to return your two cum dumpster servant girls.

  5. @Hestia

    It's before the White Men Patriarchy meeting and after the Illuminati meeting. My time management techniques are part of the conspiracy secrets so I can't tell you. :) Also, it helps that the White Men Patriarchy conspiracy is really just the Men Patriarchy conspiracy now. Once we realized that minority men want to beat their wives as much as we do how could we not let them in?


    I can't tell if Susan Walsh's problem is stupidity or fear. She keeps getting close to the problem, but refuses to actually think it through to understand what's really going on. At least part of the problem is her leftist and feminist indoctrination. Not to mention she's a direct benefit of such indoctrination (i.e. her affirmative action degree from Wharton).

    I can't reveal timetables on a public blog.


    I know. I don't get that many haters willing to email me or post comments. The ones who do don't post here or email me and its all "small dick" which is very boring. I almost think that this and the reptile alien hater is part of some joke on me because who would think such silly things?


    All right. I will remember the keg this time.

  6. That e-mail was actually kind of hot. It seemed like a veiled advance on you: feminist divulges her secret submissive fantasies and wants an unattainable man with a big zucchini to treat her like the cum slut she is! Hah.

  7. jesus christ.

    i don't think that was a good approach on her part.

    but, you can't deny that you are trying to thwart activists who are trying to attain equal rights.

    so please stop undermining them and just fight for men's rights, without dismissing womens in the process.


  8. @sofia

    That does make sense. It also adds credence to the Susan Walsh sent that email theory even though I still doubt it unless she's cracked.

    Regardless I have to wonder why I'm so associated with having a large dick and treating women like cum dumpsters. You guys know me. I have told you guys over and over again that I don't have a large zucchini. Am I actually treating women like cum dumpsters? Seriously?


    Cool. I'm successfully undermining womens' rights activists. I had no idea I had such an effect.

  9. ROFL!

    Thanks "Catherine"! I *really* needed a laugh today.

  10. lolrof with soap about that letter from "Catherine". She is lol funny.Catherne should get a job writing SNL.

  11. " Real men date feminists."


  12. That was a pretty funny read. Thanks for sharing it with me (link from my blog). I don’t yet have an active hater base, but I imagine posts like this won’t contribute much to my fan club.

  13. […] Today I went to see my eye doctor for my annual eye exam.  He suggested a minor tweak to the prescription for my glasses which arguably I didn’t really need, but insurance paid for nearly all of it and it gives me 20/15 vision.  After the exam one of his staff was helping me out with everything about my new glasses, a really hot chick.  It’s after Valentines Day Vagina Day so it’s time to bring The Experiment out of dormancy.  That means looking for a new woman.  Or as Susan Walsh would say, I’m looking for a new cum dumpster. […]

  14. Wow, that’s wild. Sure is…..original.

    And to have to be told by a lesbian that you’re in pain is just too rich.

    Oy vey!

  15. Susan Walsh is very mixed up in the head.
    On the one hand she encourages women to get with guys who have plenty of cash and low morals (Don’t throw this one back…)
    And on the other hand she talks about how she had her fun with cads, and now has her nice guy.
    She’s the bog standard I want pleasure from badboys now and guaranteed life support from niceguys when I’m older.
    Nothing new to see here…

  16. “Real men date feminists.”

    She needs to get a clue. No real man wants anything to do with a feminist chauvanistic PIG!

  17. Real men are counter-feminist members of the MRM.

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  24. I tossed HUS and ilk quite a few months back for the same or similar reason. Her imminent favouritism towards her own “Girl’s Club” was just too glaringly obvious plus the feminasty bile was starting to rear it’s ugly head..

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