Dec 192009

Susan Walsh, the same woman who called me a “dick” and said that I’m incapable of relating to women as anything other than “cum dumpsters”, continues on with shaming language.  Let’s take a look at what she says here:

Oh boy, is there ever a population of bitter and angry males! I hate to even refer one person to it, but take a look at Roissy in DC. It’s a blog about Game, mens’ rights, and hatred of feminism and women in general. He gets hundreds of comments on every post, and he’s spawned many blogs among his followers. It’s scary stuff.

 Let’s count the types of shaming language in this paragraph.  There’s code red (bitter and angry), code orange (scary), and code black (hatred of women in general).  There’s also a possible code brown in that Roissy’s blog is popular and Susan Walsh alludes to this meaning that there is horde of roissyite men ready to oppress women when the time is right.  There’s a reason why the catalog of anti-male shaming language exists.  Susan Walsh has said nothing new.  We have seen this a billion times before with practically the exact same wording proving that Susan Walsh and others like her are full of crap.

This is semi-OT, but in the associated post, Susan Walsh makes the absurd claim that porn is causing erectile dysfunction in guys in college.  It’s not like there would be a more reasonable cause such as binge drinking or heavy drinking in general.  Personally, as someone who has looked a porn a fair amount, I had no trouble when it came to sex with Kristen and Rachel so I’m certain drinking (and drugs in some cases) is too blame not porn.  That doesn’t fit Susan Walsh’s attack on men.

We need to add a color to the catalog of anti-male shaming tactics for watching/looking at porn.

On top of that Susan Walsh complains about college men going to doctors about ED.  Apparently, she doesn’t want men taking care of their health saying, “Stop wasting doctors’ time when they’re trying to deal with swine flu!”.  As we all know there’s a massive swine flu epidemic going on…guess not.  It’s really just a veiled way of saying that men aren’t important enough to actually go see the doctor unless he’s slaving away for a woman.  Also, what is Susan Walsh’s motivation for taking away the only sexual outlet for many men not getting any?  I am forced to conclude that she is protecting the pussy cartel.  Susan Walsh’s head will probably explode when virtual reality sex and later sexbots arrive on the scene.  Her affirmative action MBA has not prepared her for the introduction of such technologies.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m out to relate to women as only “cum dumpsters”.

  12 Responses to “Even more shaming language from Susan Walsh”

  1. Wasting time?! What on Earth is she talking about? The act of keeping people alive is not more important than ensuring they enjoy their life. And the docs who deal with ED ain't going to be in the swine flu department.

    Erectily dysfunction is amazingly important. Yhe capability of erection provides a pleasure in life and the capacity for reproduction. A man needs to feel everything is working correctly; it forms part of his feeling of maleness and part of his feelings of adequacy. Whether he should be feeling all this is another question, but the fact remains that it's important to many men. And their women.

    Re: shaming language. Oh, you're telling me about it. Check this one out:

  2. Hmm, read her actual post.

    PMAFT, it is still true that some men do let content on pornographic material to influence them too much in terms of their general attitude to sex.

    Take David Alexanderism as an instance of the possible connection.

    How much of the correlation is due to causation, though?

  3. Bhetti-Erectily dysfunction is amazingly important. Yhe capability of erection provides a pleasure in life and the capacity for reproduction. A man needs to feel everything is working correctly; it forms part of his feeling of maleness and part of his feelings of adequacy. Whether he should be feeling all this is another question, but the fact remains that it's important to many men. And their women.

    ITA. ED can also be a symptom of a more serious underlying health condition as well.

  4. @Bhetti

    The woman who wrote that blog post you linked to is insane.

    With DA is the fact that he is (supposedly) only attracted to pornified women really his problem or is it part of something larger. There's a lot more going on with DA than just wanting porn like women. I'm not sure how much he really wants such woman as much as it is an excuse to avoid women in general.

    Given that recent study where they couldn't find a single guy that hasn't looked at porn, we can safely say that porn isn't making David Alexanders or causing ED when guys are with regular women. We would be on the verge of the apocalypse if either was the case.

    Susan Walsh says that (for the relevant age groups we are talking about) 80% of men are getting very little or no sex with women. If she knows that then why does she want to take away the sexual outlet for men in that situation? Either it's because she's a moron or she has a female supremacist agenda or both. Probably both.


    That's right. Given that this is college guys we are talking about the health issue is probably heavy drinking or binge drinking. This is a great way to get these guys not to drink so much because this will convince them. If that isn't it and its a bigger health problem, they will be on it to do something about it.

    Effectively, Susan Walsh doesn't want men to be healthy.

  5. OK, just gonna respond to your attack as dispassionately as I can.

    1. I called you a dick because you called me a shitty mother. Are you a parent? Have you stood in my shoes? You don't have the information, or the right, to judge my parenting skills. Your comment ridiculing me and my son offended me deeply. Why would you make such a personal attack?

    2. ED is a real problem among young men and it is growing. I actually have no problem with men or women watching porn. (Interestingly, women find gay male porn hot.) But there has been a lot of research done on the effect of porn on libido and sexual function. As I stated on my blog, when one watches a lot of porn, those arousal patterns become entrenched in the brain. When men or women then find themselves in regular, normal, non-porn scenarios, they find that arousal eludes them. Men aged 18-25 represent the fastest-growing group being prescribed Viagra, and that age group is presenting to doctors with ED dysfunction. On college campuses, the trend is pronounced. Tufts University has documented this development. The reason I stated that men should stop wasting doctor's time is that they are frequently loathe to admit how much porn they watch, but in nearly every instance, frequent masturbation to porn accompanied the ED complaint. BTW, this is true for women as well. Orgasm becomes more difficult to achieve after women masturbate to porn. The numbers are small by comparison, because women are less oriented towards watching porn. Furthermore, just so you know, docs on college campuses are seeing an average of 50+ students a day with swine flu. Fortunately, it's not the worst-case scenario, but college campuses are always hotbeds of infection. So docs are stretched thin, and contrary to Bhetti's comment, college physicians see every kid that comes through the door. There are no specialists on college campuses.

    3. Hurling the "shaming language" accusation won't cut it, especially when you are hostile with your own terminology, as described above. I'm also not sure why you keep denigrating my education – I never sought to use my degree in any other way than to explain on my own blog that I refer to my business background in the way I solve relationship problems. It's you in the Game community who keep calling attention to my Wharton MBA. In insisting that I earned it only through affirmative action, what do you hope to accomplish? Why would you even say that? How do you know?

    I do want men to be healthy. I want them to be fit for relationships, because that is what my own readers are looking for. My readers are about 65% female, 35% male, and I'm much harder on the women than the men. Most of my posts are written to encourage women to make better choices when selecting a mate. By that I mean choosing men with good character and earnest intentions.

  6. Erectile dysfunction. The more a woman resembles a man, the less likely he is able to get it up.

    Maybe its a case of the increased masculinity of women rather than an intrinsic problem with men. Porn casts women that resemble the female ideal compared to the modern heifer.

  7. "I do want men to be healthy. I want them to be fit for relationships, because that is what my own readers are looking for."

    And this is it. The female supremacism in the open. They do not want us to be "healthy" because we are human beings. They want us to be "healthy" because it suits women. Kind of the attitude of so many anti-feminist women who claim that men are to be treated well because, if they are not, women won't be able to get married or have happy marriages.

    The empathy of this kind of woman is so small that she is unable to consider that men are to be treated well because they are human beings and have feelings too, regardless our usefulness for women.

    By the way, before somebody like Susan Walsh starts using shaming language with me, I am in a happy relationship with an amazing woman, someone who doesn't think men are tools and who I love very much. But, if I was single and had no sexual relationship, my opinions wouldn't be less worthy.

    By the way, I have used porn and it's not a big deal. Every man can use porn as often as he can and the Susan Walshes of the world whining and bitching about other people's lives won't change a thing.

  8. Personally, I prefer Susan Walsh's other sites "Drink Driving Safely" and "Burn Money Profitably", still I've got to say: what anonymous said, with sword, oak leaves and gold cluster. Plus, remember this is the woman who explained that beta males have nothing to complain about as women would 'hook up' with them just as soon as they been wrecked beyond repair by the alphas.

    Meanwhile, check out her point above: OK, my criticism of PMAFT, was completely unjustified but he said something I didn't like, so that's OK. A-huh. Say, did her MBA course include any ethics or did she get waived through on that too?

    Ninja Duck

  9. Hi, Susan. Yes, my mistake was quite obvious when checked out your actual post. It arose from the fact that I live in the UK and swine flu cases being seen by anyone other than hospital when it gets quite bad is seen as an infection risk:

    Basically, not only would it be wasting people's time to be e.g. visiting a student health service, it would also put more people at risk. That's the policy in this country as I understand it. From what I understand, it's not over there.

    PMAFT, while all men watch porn these days, there may be a dose-related effect which may be consistent with causation. As in, the sheer amount. It may be that the sheer amount is symptomatic of another issue leading to both these problems.


    "I recently heard about a growing trend in the west of aborting male fetuses, though. Don't know much but it is probably a relatively small trend compared to the abortion of female fetuses in Asia, but still worth noting if it is true. "

  11. 10. Anonymous That’s actually a REALLY HUGE trend over here in Australia bloody hags over here dress in Jeans and a T-shirt which sucks they look like guys as for ED geez… it wouldn’t be the AMOUNT of SOY and SOY BEAN PRODUCE THAT’S IN OUR DIETS WOULD IT? OH NO COULDN’T POSSIBLY BE CAUSING INORGASMIA AND ED IN MEN NOOOOOOOO! as for ED ALSO COULDN’T BE BOTCHED CIRCUMCISIONS COULD IT??? ALL of WHICH WERE POPULAR EVEN UP TO THE EARLY 1990’s!

  12. Women wanted Women with DICKS and Now that they have WOMEN WITH DICKS they don’t like it “Women Love Men For what they can get out of them!™®©” It’s So bad EVEN the MILITARY is purchasing and handing out FLESHLIGHT®’S to the soldiers! Look it up on Google if you don’t believe me!


    You Women should be happy we don’t have to RAPE you now when we have our URGES and Our urges are STRONGER then your Urges Men are not happy until we are having sex! we get Sore ball syndrome if we don’t flog our knobs it’s similar to your PMS the pain up our sides is incredible!

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