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(I know all of you out there are waiting for how things went last night with my experiment.  I will get to that in my next post when I get enough time.  I want to get this post out while its still relevant.)

There has been a lot of talk about conspiracy theories as of late of the Illuminati/NWO kind and related conspiracy theories such as alternate theories about what happened on 9/11.  This video from The Onion has a debate between a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and a representative from Al Queda:

I also recommend the Penn & Teller Bullshit! episode where Penn & Teller take on 9/11, JFK conspiracy, and moon landing conspiracy theories.  They also talk to a professor of political science on why people believe conspiracy theories.  Unfortunately, the whole episode isn’t online, but you can watch the first part which deals with 9/11 conspiracy theories and the part where Penn & Teller debunk some of the myths of the JFK assassination.  If you can catch the whole episode on Showtime, I strongly recommend watching it.

The real reason I wrote this post was to talk about Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theories.  There are many variants, but they all go something like this.  There is a multi-generational conspiracy to depopulate and enslave the world consisting of various corporate and government elites.  This usually involves groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, etc. Somehow they can run a conspiracy over generations (in some versions centuries or even thousands of years) without failure, but still accidentally leave clues for conspiracy theorists to pick up on.  This has quite a few problems:

  1. Why would the Illuminati/NWO leave clues when they didn’t have to?  There are claims that the pyramid on the US one dollar bill is a Illuminati/NWO symbol with the words in Latin, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” means, “new world older”.  If you’re running a secret society, this violates rule 1 of running a secret society, don’t tell everyone about it.  Why put that on money?  Nothing is gained by doing such a thing.  (As an aside the the correct translation from Latin for Novus Ordo Seclorum is, “new order of the ages” as in the beginning of the new American age.)
  2. How can the Illuminati/NWO maintain a multi-generational conspiracy particularly one running for hundreds or thousands of years?  If everyone involved is so power hungry they should be constantly stabbing each other in the back.  There should be factions fighting it out with each other.  Why?  Because it’s basic human nature.  Everyone involved is going to want to get a leg up and this means that  the multi-generational plan will fall apart.
  3. Conspiracy theories of the Illuminati/NWO kind violate Occam’s Razor.  Usually, conspiracy theories are not the simplest explanation for anything especially considering human nature.  What’s more likely 9/11 was a planned conspiracy or a lot of people got caught with their pants down and proceeded to cover their asses?
  4. How do you conspiracy theorists know that the conspiracy theories you believe in are the correct ones?  How do you know it isn’t disinformation?  For example, a lot of conspiracy theorists get their info from Alex Jones.  How do they know that Alex Jones isn’t feeding them disinformation either as a patsy or because he’s part of the conspiracy?  It stands to reason that if Alex Jones (or anyone else) was close to finding anything he would not be murdered but discredited by being caught in a fake child porn or pedophilia sting.
  5. If the Illuminati/NWO exists then why hasn’t anyone done anything about it other than write web pages and sell DVDs?  For example, Alex Jones knows where these guys meet.  Why hasn’t him or anyone else taken some RADICAL DIRECT ACTION against them?  If they’re meeting in a hotel, then bomb the hotel.  A single truck bomb will do it.  Why doesn’t at least one conspiracy theorist do something that would actually damage the Illuminati/NWO potentially knocking them out permanently?
  6. Similarly, why hasn’t any conspiracy theorist tried to infiltrate the Illuminati/NWO?  Before someone whines about how difficult this would be, you can start with getting into the CFR.  Here is the CFR’s webpage about how to become a member.  Becoming a member of the CFR is not that hard.  I know there will be some whining about how the membership process requires recommendations.  Then DO SOME WORK, and meet members of the CFR.  CFR membership is not a secret.  This is very doable so why isn’t anyone performing this strategy?  (If I ever have the time I should see how fast I could join the CFR.)

I know a bunch of responses to this post will involve quotes from the Matrix about how I have to take the red pill, that I need to “open my mind”, that it’s “obvious” and other nonsense.  If the existence of the Illuminati/NWO is really “obvious” then you will have no trouble providing ACTUAL EVIDENCE of it.  (I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.)

Something that is really problematic about Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theories with respect to feminism is that it completely lets women off the hook for what they have done.  If the Illuminati/NWO really exist and really wanted feminism, they could never have done it without women being WILLING participants.  Conspiracy theories don’t explain anything.  They just provide cover for women to avoid taking responsibility for their behavior.

I’m sure this post will cause a few conspiracy theorists to write about how I’m really a part of the Illuminati/NWO (especially given what I do for a living).  I look forward to reading some incredibly imaginative writing and laughing at it.

  24 Responses to “On Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Well said!

    Your #5 makes me recall some thoughts that entered my mind after seeing videos of a "FEMA death camp" on Youtube last year. The person claimed that millions will be murdered here but did nothing but film the place. He/she could get close enough to venture inside buildings so clearly if they really thought something terrible was going to happen here, they could have destroyed the place in some way. I am not advocating vandalism or arson or anything like that but if a person had proof millions would be killed somewhere wouldn't they do SOMETHING to prevent it?

    I have also noticed many conspiracy theory videos feature the type of music that can cause a physical response in many people. Hearts racing, panicky feelings, the sort of sensations you might feel while watching a horror or suspense film. Obviously this was done purposely, to put people on edge and cause alarm about this issue de jour. So much for just "innocently" informing people about "mind control" ;o)

  2. P.S. Penn and Teller are great!

  3. "Why put that on money? Nothing is gained by doing such a thing."
    Yes, there is. They tell their faithful "We are in charge and the sheeple are too stupid to even know about it."

    As for the moon landings…LOL!! The photographs are so laughable as to be hysterical. If man went to the moon most of the photos purporting to report the fact were most definitely NOT taken on the moon.

    Anyone with half a brain can see it on the photgraphic evidence provided by NASA. One of the reasons the Illuminati hide in plain sight is that 99% of the population are simply too distracted and too dumb to figure it out and they know that.

  4. A bit of a general comment because this is the first time I have been here.

    "I'm a mens' rights blogger that has realized that technology is the key to defeating feminism and their allies."

    Why look towards technolog to 'defeat' feminism when we can rescind our consent to be subjects to statutes thereby removing ourselves from their feminist system in 20 days or so?

    I have effectively shielded myself from any statutes by capturing my strawman and becoming primary creditor to my strawman and creating a hold harmless agreement with my strawman. Now, no statute has any force on me. Period.

  5. I'm not commenting one way or the other on conspiracies.

    However, the assumption is always power is the goal.

    What if the conspiracy isn't for world power, but for something else? Like Heinlein's fictional family that tried to achieve immortality through breeding.

    That would create a different dynamic entirely.

  6. Speaking of conspiracy theories, one of my favorites is weather control, which always seemed very plausible. Now it's more than plausible:

    Meterologists seed clouds in Beijing

  7. @Hestia

    Speaking of the FEMA death camps, I read about someone who went to a few of the places where these death camps are supposed to be. They took pictures and there was nothing there.

    That's an excellent point about the music they use. Guys like Alex Jones are out to make money. It's as simple as that.


    You are like that beret guy from the first Penn & Teller who said, "no one can convince me". Saying that the moon photos are fake doesn't make them so.

    As for just rejecting laws, that can't work. The government makes any law they need. They will just make a law saying you can reject law. In the end power flows from the barrel of a gun.


    That is part of the problem. How does a conspiracy theorist know that the conspiracy theories they believe in are the correct ones? And if its for another purpose than power such as longevity, then why should I care? It's not going to cause me or anyone else problems.


    I never thought weather control was really a conspiracy theory. It's more of a semi-secret research topic.

  8. Illuminati = Liberal, socialist, secular, atheist(pantheist? gnostic?) humanism.
    Like you said, its not a conspiracy, its out there for everyone to see. These guys aren't hiding behind bushes, they're out there beating the drums everyday.
    It began with the Reformation, got its finance from the 'Dissolution of the Monasteries', fiat banking and chartered monopoly joint stock companies, spread through the Glorious, French, American, March, Ottoman and October Revolutions and gained international supremacy through the League of Nations and the United Nations.
    Now that it is the defacto modus operandi of all governments, it has almost completed its social engineering and attitude readjustments.
    All that is left is Global governance.

    Its children are scientism (not the emprical version but the religous kind,ie. Darwinism), socialism, feminism, pseudo science (economics, social science, psychology, climate science etc.), elite governance and licentiousness.
    Its enemy is Dogmatic relgion, particularly Christianity due to its innate anti statism.

  9. 1. That's called Revelation of the Method. It's a technique of psychological mass conditioning/manipulation that traumatizes and induces helplessness. See here:

    2. There are non-human forces involved.

    3. As Mencken observed, "For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong."

    4. They don't. That's on purpose.

    5. People can barely be bothered to vote out demonstratably corrupt politicians, you can't really expect suicidal violent uprisings. Also Revelation of Method has been effective. Besides, there are not obvious targets for direct action, which is on purpose.

    6. There's a difference between infiltrating the lobby of The Conspiracy and the Conspiracy's inner sanctum.

  10. @Jacob Rubenstein

    1. But by definition only the conspiracy theorists are being traumatized since they are the only ones who know what is going on. Plus, I couldn't find any independent documentation (i.e. not from a conspiracy site) that this phenomena actually exists. Since this is a psychological technique at a minimum it should be demonstrateable on the small scale without any conspiracy ideas being involved. Without evidence, I will be skeptical.

    2. So we're back to the reptilian aliens? Given that there is no evidence of reptilian aliens, reptilian aliens are nothing more than invisible pink unicorns.

    3. Unless you can explain why its wrong, and conspiracy theorists generally can't, then Occam's razor supersedes it.

    4. Then how do you know any conspiracy theories are true? You have just admitted that there could be no conspiracy.

    5. It would only take a small cadre of people to take out the Illuminati. And yes, there are targets for direct action. Alex Jones and others talks about them. They talk about how they meet in places such as Bohemian Grove and various hotels which Jones is able to stalk. If Alex Jones led a raid during one of these meetings he would get all of the evidence he would need proving the conspiracy was real.

    6. You have to start somewhere. Stop being so lazy and do some work if you really believe there's an Illuminati/NWO out to get us.

  11. Yeh, like who on earth would allow a small private cabal like ex Goldman Sachs' to dominate the Federal Reserve.
    Why not just go and kick the doors down and demand justice.

  12. Yeh, like who on earth would allow a small private cabal like ex Goldman Sachs' to dominate the Federal Reserve.

    That's not a conspiracy. That's an infiltration.

  13. By your logic, those who suspected the presence of Soviet spies in the FDR administration – which of course there were – should have used "direct action" to secure proof and put a stop to the very real conspiracy within the highest levels of government. Just get guns and storm into the White House and start rootin' out the Commies!

    Also I second the anonymous re: Goldman.

  14. By your logic, those who suspected the presence of Soviet spies in the FDR administration – which of course there were – should have used "direct action" to secure proof and put a stop to the very real conspiracy within the highest levels of government. Just get guns and storm into the White House and start rootin' out the Commies!

    Those are spies, not a conspiracy of the Illuminati/NWO kind.

    Yes, if you suspect spies something should be done. Presumably, that would be an investigation unless, those spies were on the verge of taking over the whole government. In that case, yes, direct action would be appropriate since there might not be enough time to do anything else. The Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theories say that they're on the verge of committing genocide of billions and enslaving the rest. Either you conspiracy theorists take real action, or else we'll end up dead or enslaved if you believe in those conspiracy theories.

    I live near one of the hotels where the Bilderbergs meet. I have been by the place several times. It isn't a high security facility by any means. A few dozen minimally trained, armed conspiracy theorists could take the place while the Bilderbergs are meeting and get all the proof of the Illuminati/NWO they need. Why is no conspiracy theorist suggesting this? The circumstances are dire if you are correct. If you are right then you guys will be regarded as heroes. Or do you not really believe in the conspiracy theories you claim to believe in?

  15. Not only would storming the White House have been suicidal, it would have failed to prove a conspiracy.

    "Those are spies, not a conspiracy of the Illuminati/NWO kind"

    It is an apt analogy. It had global elements, it involved the highest levels of government and society, much of it was out in the open, many who pointed to the existence conspiracy were ridiculed or suffered professionally.

    Another lesson we can take from the days of Communism is the phenomenon of useful idiots, unwittingly advancing the conspiracy's agenda despite not being directly in on any conspiracy. Their proximity to conspirators adds another complication to direct action, as does the presence of pure profiteers.

  16. Not only would storming the White House have been suicidal, it would have failed to prove a conspiracy.

    I'm not talking about storming the White House. I'm talking about storming a hotel with a low level of security when there's an Illuminati/NWO meeting in progress. If Alex Jones can find out when they happen organizing this thing isn't difficult. They will have documents and other proof of the Illuminati/NWO on their persons. All you conspiracy theorists have to do is get organized a bit and do it.

    Is this laziness? Do you not believe in the conspiracy theories you talk about? Do you have a death wish (or a slavery wish)?

  17. Why would someone be carrying documents proving they were part of a conspiracy? Communist conspirators didn't.

    The police who respond won't be impressed by arguments a conspiracy was being thwarted. Notice by hiding in plain sight the conspirators have no need to subvert the police in any way to get law enforcement to use deadly force to defend them.

  18. Why would someone be carrying documents proving they were part of a conspiracy?

    Because they're at a MEETING of the conspiracy. They aren't meeting in an abandoned warehouse either. They're meeting in nice hotels.

    On top of that they obviously aren't concerned about security that much or else Alex Jones wouldn't be able to find out where they meet.

    I guess I have to think of everything. Here is what you do. You take the Illuminati members hostage. When the police show up you agree to release the hostages if you get a camera crew from the local or better yet national news. You present the evidence you got on television. Since you now have evidence you can get the police on your side too. You can make this happen.

    I'm sure I will be reading more excuses. You conspiracy theorists are so pathetic and ineffectual.

  19. If Alex Jones knows about it and you can read about it on the Unhived Mind, it isn't much of a conspiracy, in my opinion :-) The people who spread these theories and ridicule those who don't believe don't see the irony in all this 'secret' information they breathlessly relate on sites all over the internet. If you know who they are, and know where they meet, and they are that damned evil, do something!! 😉

  20. Even assuming the police would go along with that, which they wouldn't, what documents do you think they would have with them proving a conspiracy?

    To take another example from history, the Holocaust was an effective large scale conspiracy, but there were no documents Nazi's carried around proving a Holocaust was taking place.

  21. There were plenty of documents for the Holocaust during the Wannsee Conference. We're not talking about abducting conspiracy members at random. We're talking about major meetings of the conspiracy, at least according to Alex Jones. You will have lots of documents covering various aspects of the conspiracy since its a meeting. Conspirators will also be taking notes providing additional proof. They may burn all of this after the meeting, so storm the hotel where these guys meet before the meeting is over.

    Plus, Alex Jones claims to get a fax from someone with a list of meeting attendees when the conspiracy meets. If that document can be produced like that, there are lots of other documents and proof.

    Another thing to do is plant recording devices so you can get them on tape discussing the conspiracy. A few of you conspiracy theorists can get some minor jobs at the hotels where the conspiracy meets. I'm surprised no one has tried that unless conspiracy theorists are incapable of holding down a job.

    The most important thing is to DO SOMETHING. If you believe you're right about the conspiracy, then you have nothing to lose since your other options are death or enslavement. Creating a circle jerk of webpages and DVDs with creepy music don't count. If the conspiracy is real, then all you guys have done is given the conspiracy another way to hide. In other words, you conspiracy theorists have made the problem worse not better if the conspiracy really exists.

  22. There were no documents at the The Wannsee Conference that would have, if revealed at the time, proven a plan to commit genocide.

    It's funny hearing all these action plans from someone who finds asking women out difficult.

  23. It's funny hearing all these action plans from someone who finds asking women out difficult.

    I guess this is the Godwin's law of conspiracy theorists which means I won, you lost.

  24. Excellent, thank you for this.

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