Nov 152009

If you’re reading this blog then you’re familiar with shaming language.  Quite possibly, I have more experience being the recipient of shaming language than any other man on the planet.  There is the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics.  I found a new variant of it, Fembot Bingo:

This covers a great deal of shaming language.  To personalize it for me, you have to add “is a reptilian alien”, “is a member of the Illuminati”, etc.

  3 Responses to “Fembot Bingo!”

  1. Hah! You're a funny guy PM! I'm still chuckling.

    On a serious note though, it does say more about the nasty character of feminists who engage in this sort of shaming language, than it does about any men!

  2. Yes but PM/AFT, reptile aliens have big penises and members of the illuminati have lots of girlfriends!

  3. That was from Eternal Bachelor, some years ago.
    – P Ray

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