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There’s a reason why the catalog of anti-male shaming tactics exists. It’s because women and manginas use say the same things over and over again in an attempt to shame men. It’s repetitive to the point where the catalog doesn’t have to have that many examples since women and manginas could just copy and paste these statements over and over again. (For that matter a script on a server somewhere could do this.)

I have read two examples recently on Anakin’s blog (search for “vysota”) and on FB’s blog (search for “sparky”). Anyone will notice how repetitive the shaming language is and how both “vysota” and “sparky” avoid answering direct questions. This is very typical of how women use shaming language. And women use shaming language everywhere.
It’s funny watching women and manginas use shaming language over and over again given how counterproductive it is. None of the men on either of these blogs are going to change their mind based on shaming language. Plus, it just drives men into MRA and MGTOW ways of thinking (even if they never learn what MRA or MGTOW is). It also convinces men that the woman using shaming language is nothing but a man hating harpy. And their threats of how “we won’t get a girlfriend/laid” is totally pointless. (Lots of men are thinking, “Women still aren’t going to have sex with me? What else is new?”)
On top of that women use shaming language everywhere. I see it all the time. I see wives using it against their husbands which single men see. Let me tell you it’s convincing men to not get married or even have relationships with women. Why should single men do that to themselves? For that matter, why do women get married to men in the first place? Shaming language is not how you treat someone you claim to love.
Women just can’t figure out when to cut their losses. This is case where rethinking their strategy would work for women, but instead like with so many things women and manginas are doing they aren’t just doubling down, but quadrupling down and going for broke. I can’t tell if women are trying to get men to punch them out (so that they can have men who aren’t slaves to women arrested) or if its just another example of women being insane. It could be and probably is both.
There are women out there who think they are good women, but are using shaming language. Thus they aren’t good women despite their beliefs.
What this means is that women hate men so much that they refuse to do what is in their best interest (stopping the use of shaming language).

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  1. The compulsive use of shaming language just goes to show the insanity of women and the girly-men woman wannabes. What they don't realize and may lack the ability to comprehend is that real men don't give a rat's behind what they think. Only the weak girly-men will respond to the silly shaming tactics.

    Listen up women. Some of us don't care what you think when you try to manipulate us into surrendering to your agenda. And we are able to attract normal women who don't have a mountain-sized chip on their shoulder. The negative opinions of bitter old hags who think they're still in their prime? We laugh at them.

  2. PMAFT,

    You can go this old post of mine to see my thoughts on this…


  3. Plus, it just drives men into MRA and MGTOW ways of thinking (even if they never learn what MRA or MGTOW is). It also convinces men that the woman using shaming language is nothing but a man hating harpy. And their threats of how "we won't get a girlfriend/laid" is totally pointless. (Lots of men are thinking, "Women still aren't going to have sex with me? What else is new?")

    All truth there. Especially the last sentence…if something was never possessed in the first place and didn't even exist, can it really be taken away? Seems the denial of sexual access thing is an empty threat to a lot of men. And for good reason.

    What's amusing about shamers is that they almost always seem to have the "oh yeah?" playground mentality of discussing anything. They ride in all high and mighty with what they think is a new, grand shut-down argument, apparently wholly unaware that the natives have not only seen that weak argument at least 800 times already but are well-versed with its hidden (or not-so-hidden anymore) meaning and know how to dismantle it. So when they get rebuffed with a logical response, they have no choice but to resort to straw-mans and ad hominems and the like and drag the conversation down. Figuring they would own the crowd with their forceful point, they brought no other weapons to the fight and thus have nothing else to work with.

    It's amazing how many times that pattern repeats itself amongst these blogs.

  4. vsota's a man

  5. Man or not, the tactic of shaming language is common among those who have no real arguments. They can't logically refute what is being said, so they shame the hell out of people simply because they see it as offensive to their feelings. Manginas do this a lot too- just in different ways.

    I think this mindset needs to be adopted towards all shamers. Whenever a mangina defends womens' bad behavior, no matter how big or brutish, picture him as some catty old cat lady. Because that's what he is inside, no matter how he looks on the outside. Manginistic/feminazi shamers are all just expressing their inner cat lady when they pull shenanigans like this.

  6. The shaming language is natural to women but is being misapplied by today's feminist and feminist-taught women and guys. In all societies unafflicted by modern feminism and even here to some extent, you see that it is women who do the suppression of female sexualilty (google Roy Baumeister for references) and encouragement of pre-marital chastity. Mostly this is done through shaming, though in some countries they have recruited men to enforce it as well.

  7. […] guys into binding ourselves in chains. Unfortunately, women have overplayed this card to the point where its effectiveness is rapidly approaching zero. I remember once reading on an MGTOW site (I’ll source the quote if anyone can dig it up) […]

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