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So often when feminism is discussed too many men try to pin feminism not on the actions of women, but on lesbians, the Rockefellers, Jews, Zionists, Communists, the New World Order, Americans, etc. None of them matter. In some cases such as Jews/Zionists, they had nothing to do with anything. Those guys aren’t interested in men’s rights, but antisemitism. While Comintern (the Communist International) was definitely involved in the creation of feminism, the Rockefellers may have had some involvement, and lesbians are a driver of feminism, the fact of the matter is that without the support of most women none of these groups could have gotten anything done. (As an aside, if you really think the Rockefellers/NWO is the real problem then why haven’t you solved it with some radical direct action against them? Alex Jones tells you where they meet so you have no excuse.) Comintern is dead. Lesbians and the Rockefellers are too few to be of any consequence. The NWO (even if it really exists which it may not) doesn’t have magical powers. The fact is that without the average woman nothing wrt feminism could have happened.

Anakin Niceguy @ Biblical Manhood has an extended rant about this subject. I recommend everyone read that first before continuing to read this entry if you haven’t already read it. Here is the last paragraph from that rant:

In short, if nothing changes, then women are going to destroy this society. It’s going to be a classic case of the Tragedy of Commons. You don’t like me talking about women? Too bad. There’s going to be little or no real progress for men and women until women get their act together and rethink their behavior. We can blame the government, the liberals, the New World Order, technology, chivalrous men, genes, or whatever, but here’s the indisputable truth: A critical mass of women are primarily responsible for the mess that has come about. Someone needs to point this out. When women constantly belittle, demean, and marginalize men at every turn, someone needs to say something. When women try to have their “eekwalitee” cake and eat it too, giving men the shaft in the process, someone needs to say something. Otherwise, the whole mess is going to explode in the face of women, and they will have no one to cry to.

Even women who claim to be against feminism engage in the behavior that Anakin is talking about. We now have a generation of men (which includes myself) who have experienced almost nothing but this behavior from women. I know many women will shriek that they aren’t feminists, but they stood by and did nothing while this has happened to men. Remember, silence is consent, especially if you (as a woman) benefit from women engaging in this behavior even if you technically don’t engage in it yourself.
Some women have responded to these facts by pointing out reams of blog entries that they are against feminism. In nearly all of these cases there was one of two things going on. All of the talk against feminism was women talking about the evils of abortion and/or premarital sex. Neither of that actually helps men in any way. It doesn’t deal with things such as men losing over 80% of the jobs during this recession, paternity fraud, false rape charges, false sexual harassment charges, anti-male divorce courts, cultural attitudes towards men, female behavior towards men etc. Being against abortion and/or premarital sex does not prove you believe men are human beings. It just shows that some women have a minor disagreement with feminists. In the case of premarital sex feminists have nothing to do with that. Premarital sex was going on for a long time before feminism. Remember, silence is consent so if you as a woman are silent about 99% of the feminist program (that has nothing to do with abortion and premarital sex) then it is assumed you consent to that 99% of the feminist program.
The other thing going on is women who claim to be against feminism who spend all of their time debating men on MRA/MGTOW blogs and forums about how they are misogynists. If you are a woman who is really against feminism, why are you so worried about this? Saying that the way to convince women is not to appear misogynist is not an answer because most women will accuse us of being misogynist regardless of what we say. I could post gibberish on this blog and I would still be accused of being a misogynist. If you really are an anti-feminist woman then you shouldn’t be arguing with men on MRA/MGTOW blogs for any reason. You as an anti-feminist woman should be arguing with women trying to convince women of the error of their ways.
I know some people will claim that I’m creating an “impossible” standard for women since I could always claim that any particular anti-feminist woman doesn’t meet it. If you look at my blogroll to the right, you will see two blogs by WOMEN who get it, Dr. Helen Smith’s blog and Amy @ Clothesline Alley. These are women who understand what women are doing to men.
People wonder why I spend so much time talking about how technologies like sex bots, artificial wombs, etc. will liberate men. That’s because there are so few women who get it. Even women who claim to be anti-feminist are part of the problem as I have shown. I don’t see this changing much in the future and as Anakin puts it women are going to destroy this society. The only other option for change is technology.

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  1. Very good post! Much of the nastiest hate mail I receive when I delve into men's issues on my blog comes not from self-professed feminists but from religious "anti-feminist" women.

    All of the talk against feminism was women talking about the evils of abortion and/or premarital sex. Neither of that actually helps men in any way.
    Along with this, much of the talk is about the devaluation of homemaking and the fact that feminists apparently have some big evil conspiracy against domestic labor and childrearing. And I musn't forget the talk of feminism being some magical force that can "make" women treat men like garbage and compels women to make stupid decisions for their lives. Feminism is frequently discussed at the scapregoat which women should use to justify their actions instead of taking responsibility for mistakes, sins, and stupid choices and working towards a better personal future for themselves and their families.

    I'm no longer at a point in my life where I care if Linda Hirschman thinks I need to "get to work", nor do I care that Andrea Dworkin believes politically and socially conservative women are "instruments of the patriarchy" and wrote some ridiculous boring book espousing her beliefs about "right wing women". There was a point when this stuff did upset me, but I've grown and matured in the years since then and through research and reflection come to understand the bigger uglier outright evils of feminism. If somebody feels I'm wasting my time and abilities in this season of my life, so be it. They dislike me for my choices, not for my very being as is the case with misandry.

    When Maureen Dowd poses the question of men being necessary and similar sentiments are expressed in our culture, I do care deeply, for this is a different sort of feeling than what feminists feel about women. It's absolute hatred, for no good reason, without any just cause, just because they can. This IS a serious issue that breeds all the other evils that are happening to men right now. It's only if we collectively deny the very humanity of a segment of our society that we can sit by silently as they are treated in the fashion men are today. Clearly somebody not liking the fact that a woman is "wasting her life" as a homemaker is not a serious issue, nor is my canning yummy pickles every summer going to do anything to correct the problems in society today….

  2. Artificial wombs, if allowed by the government, will be the game changer.

    Men will be able to have a child or two without risking their financial lives to do so, and to raise their progeny on their own. The kids will be "his", so he will be able to use that excuse legally if he does eventually marry ("Your honor, I have to take care of MY kids, therefore I can't pay alimony"). The primal urge to procreate is the strongest urge there is, it trumps all others.

  3. Instead of artificial wombs, why not go to zenogenesis, that is: have another species carry the child. This is already done amongst ungulates (cows carrying for endangered wild ungulates) and there are already hogs and mice wandering around with human immune systems, with the goal of implantable organs and test subjects respectively. Seems simpler.

  4. @falkenberg

    For most of the purposes of this blog, that would be an artificial womb.

  5. Anonymous – "Artificial wombs, if allowed by the government, will be the game changer."

    Even though the reality of artificial wombs is probably going to come about far sooner than will viable "artificial" sperm (made exclusively from MALE stem cell, BTW); it is truly enlightening to see the glee with which radical gender-hate feminists are embracing the news of artificial sperm, the vague "lie" that it may even be possible to do with female stem cells, and are celebrating the end of men (males).

    What all of this "we can have sperm without men/ men will go extinct" celebration seems to forget is that cloning technology is much, much further along than is "artificial" sperm.

    It also fails to consider the more practical possibility of of artificial wombs (the primary need here is to effect differentiation of female stem cell to form just enough uterine lining (for implantation) and to form placental tissue to "interface" with the fetus. The rest need not be actual human tissue.

    Despite the obvious joy it has given the man-hating feminists, the intention of artificial sperm is to allow MEN, who've become infertile (unable to produce sperm naturally), a means of passing on THEIR genes by having THEIR stem cells differentiated into sperm, which can be used to fertilize an oocyte (which could even be implanted in a artificial womb, when they are ready and available).

    Of course their are potential downsides to either cloning or artificial sperm generation with regard to the propagation of damaged or defective genes, which are not desirable for the human species in the long run. But that's another long and involved discussion.

    What I see as the "take home" lesson from the reaction of feminists to the news of the possibility of a long-distant future without men is their deeply held hatred of the males of their species.

    Can you even begin to imagine if men reacted in the same way to comparable news of the decline of (the need for) females?

    Even as artificial wombs get closer to reality, you'll simply never see men celebrating the end of women. In terms of valuation, respect, and love for the opposite gender, men truly are "better".

    As the title of this thread suggests, women are the problem.

  6. That is interesting. Most of us spend most of our time pointing out how mostly men are responsible by allowing it to happen but, considering your points, one might make the case that these men were individually powerless. Asking them to not be manginas is like asking racers to go slower. They can, but they’ll lose.

    Not sure yet if I agree with it entirely, but your post definitely highlights something that is grossly ignored: female responsibility.

    Ironically, by holding women responsible, we’re treating them with greater respect and equality than feminists or manginas. There’s a thought for the day.

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