Jul 062009

Get into any discussion about men and getting laid and/or reproduction in many cases the terms, alpha and beta will come up. I have used these terms (and will continue to do so in the future), but have never felt really comfortable with them since I don’t feel that they describe what is going on with male/female relations. A comment over at Welmer’s described my issues with the alpha and beta concepts:

There are a few *real* alpha males out there, but they are childless playas’ who make good money that can endlessly lead women on and pump and dump them.

To be a real ALPHA male with our legal system the way it is, a guy has to have a good job or business making lots of money, and then would have to have a surrogate mom give him a few kids that were his ALONE, and then he could play the field with a vengance———telling women lies until old age pumping and dumping them while getting to raise HIS kids the way he sees fit. That guy would NOT be in submission to the matriarchy the leftists wish to impose. There probably aren’t 500 of such men out there in the U.S. tonight though, but it could be done.

This comment shows the problems with most guys who are described as and/or claim to be alphas. Getting laid by a lot of different women in the end isn’t that alpha if the guy in question never reproduces with any of them. In the end most “alphas” will only reproduce with one woman, and many “alphas” with none. After their dead since their DNA was never passed on or only with one woman how were they really “alpha” at all? They weren’t.
Or take this scenario. You have a married powerful businessman with kids from his wife screwing his secretary. Let’s say that the secretary got knocked up and is raising the kid as a single mom or convinced her husband (if she’s married) that the kid is his. Sounds like the businessman is an alpha, right? Not necessarily. For that to be the case, the wife would not have to be screwing around. How does the businessman know that his wife isn’t screwing the pool boy? And by extension that all of the kids he has with his wife are really is? He doesn’t so he really isn’t an alpha.
At some point this scenario could get worse if the businessman’s wife divorces him. He could be paying child support for kids that aren’t his. That’s not alpha.
The comment above describes the only way to truly be alpha in Western countries. In the future you can add in artificial wombs which ironically allow more men to be true alphas in that all their kids would be theirs, and they could play the field “with a vengeance” (if they so desired). In other words there are very few true alphas in the West currently. The comment says there is less than 500 true alphas. That sounds about right.

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