Jul 172009

A while back I talked about how men had taken over cooking and other domestic tasks because women felt doing things like cooking was sexist. I pondered if this would lead to men taking over raising kids entirely using artificial wombs as the end result to have said kids. Amy brought up an interesting observation of how at her local park that it was mainly fathers and grandparents who brought their kids there. The few mothers who brought their kids generally ignored their kids unlike the fathers and grandparents.

Novaseeker just had a post on his blog about the new trend of mothers who give up custody of their kids. I would like to see more than one article about this before saying that its really a trend, but it does fit. Women have been progressively giving up domestic related tasks so can parenting really be that far behind? We’ll see what happens.

  3 Responses to “Is this the begining of men taking over parenting?”

  1. But if men carrying the load for parenting ever becomes a real trend then the fembots will view it not as women's work but as another arena of life to attempt to dominate, and thus they will try to marginalize men in parenting also (or keep them marginalized, as they case may be). The end goal for the matriarchists is the total control of all areas of society. So I don't see fembots ever "giving up" parenting, but merely putting it aside for the moment while they focus on battles they deem more important. And they do still have public education to work with, after all. It's not like they're handing over control of the kids.

  2. And by the way, your comments on various other blogs about young and middle-aged men viewed as "nerdy" being constantly marginalized in the dating/marriage/sexual market despite other traits that are desirable, or at least were once upon a time in a more enlightened culture setting, are dead on in my case. Add me to the list of folks you're aware of for which your axiom holds true.

  3. @Jesse

    It is hard to say what will happen here. NOW has fought shared custody (and that's just shared custody) to the hilt. However, who would guess women would abandon learning basic life skills such as cooking just 25 years ago?

    I have talked to a lot of guys (online) who have this exact same problem. While some of these guys' traits are no longer desirable according to women, many of their traits still are. I have talked to plenty of men in this situation who make lots of money (and I'm in that group as well). I have also talked to men who while not virgins no longer get any attention from women whatsoever. Back when they were poor and broke these guys had plenty of women, but now they are making $80K, $90K, even six figures. Women are no longer interested despite lots of money being what anybody would think is a desirable trait. And its not just money either, but that is the craziest example of female absurdity in this area.

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