May 262009

The two most important technologies for male liberation that haven’t been invented yet are sex bots and artifical wombs.  

Sex bots are robots that are designed to look like women (or men) for the purposes of sex.  The benefit for men is obvious.  How much time do men spend thinking about sex, trying to get sex (and failing most of the time if they aren’t an “alpha”), etc.?  If you’re not an “alpha”, then you are a man who has gone through a lot of humiliation to get sex and/or relationships.  A sex bot is an easy way to relive this need.
Artifical wombs are only relevant if you have a desire for kids.  Many men do.  Combined with genetic engineering, cloning, and other technologies, artifical wombs allow men to have children without women.
The real power of sex bots and artifical wombs is when they both exist.  If only sex bots exist then a man who wants kids will still have to get involved with a woman.  If only artifical wombs exist men who want sex will still have to go to women.  The real benefit to men will happen when both of these technologies exist.
I know someone will bring up the issue of cost.  All technologies get cheaper over time.  Also, think about how much a divorce, false abuse charges, and child support for a child that isn’t yours cost. 
Or think about it in these terms, if the Duke Lacrosse 3 had sex bots they wouldn’t have ordered a stripper and never been put through the hell they experienced.

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  1. Hello from Miles,

    You have hit on a point Ive tried to make: artificial wombs. People underestimate a father’s love for his children, how much he adores them. Many men who perhpas strike out (or could only have a very homely gal)by 30 or 40, would in my opinion indeed have a couple of kids via artifical wombs. It DOES NOT mean a guy would have to give up on trying to meet women, but it does mean that he could have a family without one. A man with a couple of kids of his own is much less likely “to put his eggs all in one basket” emotionally with any one female. It will make him the stronger party in the relationship.

    Ive tried to detail mathematically what happens “out there”, but few really seem to listen. To wit: In the bars, the top 20% of men basically service the top 50% of women. It may even be more like 60% of women. Many guys who are 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, and even 7’s go home with no phone numbers night after night while women set up dates with the same men over and over. These same women expect guys who are 6’s to be waiting and available at 30 for their leisure to have a couple of kids with, treat terribly, and probably cheat on……………and leave whenever the mood strikes her to take about half his wealth with her. Is it any wonder things are out of whack? The artificial wombs would make the man to be the one holding all of the cards, especially as time goes on. Sexbots doubly so if they were really good.

    One parting shot on the battle of the sexes for you that Ive never seen ANYONE EVER POINT OUT: Theoretically speaking (Im assuming youve had some one night stands and have seen a few women in the morning when they get up to use you shower and are appalled by what you see), could you -imagine- the shift in attractive power if we could just make make-up, false eyelashes, lipstick, hairspray, blush, and perfume illegal? Ive went to bed with some gals I thought were 8’s, but so help me -GAWD- when I seen their faces in the mornings they were 4’s. The dark lighting, the flouresence, the make-up perfectly applied and shaded to create depth and illusion, the shiny earrings, the lip gloss, the eyelahses and eyeliner, the extra colors………It would be like cutting the tail off of a peacock. Women look in the mirror after “doing themselves up” and convince themselves thats what they really *are* and rate men against themselves accordingly. Make up is not an “old” phenomena. Its something women have only had for what? 80 yars at most. It gives them a huge advantage. For men to have something that equals it, men would practically have to have face transplants. Boob jobs are something else that women have that men obviously dont have a requisite answer for. Its as if you could just go get an operation and have a bodybuilders upper-body all in one day. It makes them much more attractive than what they genetically really are……………….and further deludes gals who are 5’s that they should be with guys who are 8’s and 9’s. Slutty clothing, or the accepted ability to show skin is another advantage. Just imagine if it was socially acceptable for men to go out in G-stings with socks on their genitalia. If a guy was “plain”, but had a 13-inch schlong, he’d attract a LOT of female attention. That sounds ridiculous, but butterface chicks with flared hips and boob jobs* do this all the time by wearing so little.

    *Most “spoon” shaped gals genetically have small tits, which negates the naturally-nice asses they were given (but most waste by becoming couch potatoes), but getting big fake boobs is an attractiveness advantage that they have over men at this point.

  2. aren’t sex bots just glorified masterbation?

    men who can’t get sex from hot women on a regular basis will still prefer sex from hot women or mediocre women when that situation presents itself. they may invest some more time and energy into sex bots, but at the end of the day the desire to feel a woman’s skin, hear her orgasm, and the thrill when that woman chooses *you* of her own volition (not the volition of some computer chip) are enough to keep any man in the hunt.

  3. Chuck, I suppose you could say that sex bots are glorified masturbation, but I don’t think it matters. The fact is that “a woman’s skin, the sound of her orgasm” can all be simulated to the point where its indistinguishable from the real thing. Even the chase could be simulated. Given enough knowledge about male psychology and brain chemistry it could be simulated to the point where a man would feel the chase was real even if he was guaranteed success in the end.

    There isn’t anything that women do that can’t be replicated.

  4. Miles,

    You’re absolutely right. Because women get baby rabies, we forget that many men wants kids as well.

    The combination of sex bots and artificial wombs would give a man the option of having nothing to do with women if he so desired. This is very powerful. Think about it. What does a woman really have to offer now? Her vagina and her womb. With replacements for both of that, men can be in complete control of their lives.

  5. Trust me, I’ve tried to talk some sense in to the moderators of mgtow, especially the main moderator, i won’t mention any names, but yes, they are a bunch of closet faggots. I used to “have problems with women” bit I have turned over a new leaf and realized that MGTOW is just a bunch of disgruntled lames. Trust me, they are so pathetic, they banned me simply because I was “incoherent”.

    honestly, the moderators are simply bitches who have never lives outside of britain. Cali is another topic, bitches are hoes and want to have fun, so why not. Anyways, they banned me because I have a feminist sister who I don’t always agree with but this mgtow shit is just ridicuolous.

    Seriously, if you take these faggots seriously, then you have issues. don’t let disgruntled people ruin your life. My sister is a full fledged feminist but i’ve learned to overcome it and it simple doesn’t become a big deal.

    MGtow is like alex jones, nothing but fear mongering.

  6. another comment. Feminists, please complain to the web carrier about, they are spewing hate speech and everyone should know that these faggots are worse than adolf hitler. They want to hide under the guise of being pro male and telling the truth how it is but it is nothing but a mysoginistic group..

    Don’t let these scorned small dick bitches ruin your life because they can’t get bitches. I am only mad because i had a bad gf experience but hardly care anymore about men’s rights.

    Men are monsters and should be eradicated….please complain so they could shut down

    i would die happy knowing them lames got shut down.

  7. trust me, I can get a girl if i wanted to. that is not the point but the real point is that if you are a sane person who has a soul, then you are generally going to land a decent chick.

    All this all women are the same crap comes from guys playing too much call of duty who want to reap all the benefit of the pussy and do not want to contribute to the needs and desires of women.

    Hey! Women are people too and have real needs that cannot be bypassed by a stupid ass movement such as mgtow. Yes I am putting these brits on blast but british people are pathetic and think the u.s belongs to them.. hahahahahaha. in your wild dreams brits. People of the covenant is what brit ish translates into. Fuck her majesty.

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