Elissa Shevinsky Is Not Sorry

One of the women responsible the current war on men working in the tech industry is Elissa Shevinsky.  She wrote an article in 2013 accusing men working in tech of being misogynists, but now she’s says that she is sorry about it: Shevinsky is now sorry for whatever role she played in creating all of [Read the full post…]

Feminists Have Declared War On Air Conditioning

When feminists aren’t trying to destroy NASA, they have declared war on air conditioning.  Yes, air conditioning.  Jezebel has complained about it.  So has The Telegraph in the UK.  The Washington Post called air conditioning, “a big sexist plot”.  This isn’t a single feminist whining about air conditioning.  It’s widespread. Air conditioning is part of [Read the full post…]

Fishing Expeditions Against Male Nerds

Buzzfeed has this article about worst lewd comments female cosplayers have allegedly received from male nerds.  Their examples were kind of weak, such as: “Hehehehehehe…” – This was guy who was just laughing. “I always go with my husband so I never had an issue.” – This woman has never had a problem by their [Read the full post…]

The Best Response To Man Up

There’s a new show on Syfy called Dark Matter.  In the most recent episode, we find out that one of the main characters was part of an insurrection against the galactic government called the Galactic Authority.  He and several of his comrades went to a space station and stole a destroyer from the Galactic Authority, [Read the full post…]

The Good Mangina Project Lies About NASA

We have all heard in the news how NASA’s New Horizons probe has reached Pluto.  This is momentous occasion and an amazing achievement in space exploration.  That means feminists will attack it just like we saw with Matt Taylor (and Tim Hunt).  Since feminists don’t have the excuse of a shirt this time, they have [Read the full post…]

Does Reddit Actually Have A Mostly Male User Base?

When I talked about how misandrists are using the fact of a business having a mostly male customer base/user base as evidence of misogyny, one thing got left out.  Since we’re talking about Reddit, does Reddit actually have a mostly male user base?  It turns out the answer is no. Alexa says that Reddit’s user [Read the full post…]

Having A Mostly Male Customer Base Is Now Considered Evidence Of Misogyny

Last Friday Ellen Pao resigned from reddit.  Already the wagons are circling in an attempt to hide the fact that this was due to Pao’s gross incompetence by blaming “misogyny”.  However, there is a new tactic they’re trying that can be seen in an article about Pao’s resignation in the Christian Science Monitor: While Reddit [Read the full post…]

It’s Time For #CraftBeerGate

Any business, hobby, or interest that is primarily made up of men will get attacked by feminists.  This is why we have #GamerGate, attacks on the tech industry, attacks on open source software, attacks on scientists from Tim Hunt to Matt Taylor, attacks on comics, and so forth.  The craft beer industry is also primarily [Read the full post…]

Sorry Tradcons, No One Is Impressed By You Being Worried

Over at The Federalist, Mytheos Holt wrote up a standard tradcon diatribe against men’s rights.  He says that tradcons have men’s rights issues covered, but let’s look at what he says about it: So this brings up the question. What do men’s rights activists have as their signature issue? Child support? Child-custody reform? Social conservatives [Read the full post…]

The Next DongleGate?

Like with #GamerGate, the Tim Hunt saga is not going away.  An increasing number of scientists and other academics such as Richard Dawkins (as well as other individuals like Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London) are coming out in support of Tim Hunt.  Jonathan Dimbleby has resigned from his honorary fellowship at UCL (University College [Read the full post…]

June 2015 Entitlement Princess Of The Month

It’s the time of the month to select a new Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month, the winner by default was Lauren Chief Elk for starting the #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag. The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission [Read the full post…]

Supreme Court Says That Gays Can Get Married; Women Hardest Hit

The Supreme Court says that homosexuals can get married.  There are a lot of women complaining about this, not about the ruling, but about the language used in the ruling.  Apparently, it’s some sort of insult to (heterosexual) women who can’t find a man willing to marry them.  The will say that’s not the reason, [Read the full post…]

New Page: Fatherhood Not Marriage Is Essential For Civilization

Since today is father’s day, I added a new page about how fatherhood and not marriage is essential for civilization.  I’m disabling comments on this post because all of the content is on the new page.  Follow the link or click on the tab at the top of the blog to read the page and [Read the full post…]

Ellen Pao Is Going To Sue Pei Wei Next

A judge has tentatively ruled that Ellen Pao must pay due to her false sexism lawsuit.  This means that Ellen Pao is going to try to sue someone for $2.976 million now.  That’s because Ellen Pao was demanding $2.7 million dollars from Kleiner-Perkins not to appeal her case.  That dollar amount is conveniently the same [Read the full post…]

How Long Until Scientists Become Vocally Anti-Feminist?

First we had #ShirtGate/#ShirtStorm.  Now, we have Tim Hunt, a Nobel Prize winning biochemist, being forced to resign from his job and from every scientific committee he is on simply because he made a joke about women being oversensitive, a joke which turned out to accurate given the reaction. Hunt was never even asked for [Read the full post…]

Your Options Are Being Cuckolded Or Listening To Shaming Language From Tradcons

The Washington Post had an article on how cuckolding is becoming mainstream.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m sure that when that article came out a million men (at least) decided to never get married and go their own way (even though they have never heard of MGTOW). If the article has any [Read the full post…]

Women Who Don’t Get Paid For Emotional Labor Are Failed Prostitutes

My last post generated a comments with examples of women doing emotional labor and getting paid for it.  Paul Murray brought up counselors and therapists.  A.B. Prosper brought up prostitutes. Since there are women who get paid for emotional labor, what does this mean for the women complaining that they don’t get paid for emotional [Read the full post…]

If “Emotional Labor” Actually Existed, Someone Would Pay For It

Once thing that came up on the #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag was “emotional labor”: Fastest way to get capitalism dismantled? Monetize emotional labor. @ChiefElk brilliant. #GiveYourMoneyToWomen — Kaylyne Kreiger (@PublicHopeful) May 30, 2015 #GiveYourMoneyToWomen bc emotional labor isn't compensated and we do a lot of that — here (@LIL_HAMMM) May 29, 2015 Reminder that self-care+healing work we [Read the full post…]

Go On Strike And See What Happens

On the #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag, the winners of the most recent Entitlement Princess Of The Month are complaining about the supposed unpaid labor they’re doing: We do: -Emotional labor -Cooking/cleaning labor -Providing for the sick All essential to your misogynistic lifestyle #GiveYourMoneyToWomen — RadWitchyTransBitchy (@Fyrebrrd) May 31, 2015 Women perform educational, emotional, physical, creative, domestic, and activist labor for free. #GiveYourMoneyToWomen [Read the full post…]

#GiveMoneyToWomen Is Not New. What Is New Is That Men Are Refusing To #GiveMoneyToWomen

Despite being a newly created hashtag, #GiveMoneyToWomen is not new.  Men have been giving money to women since the beginning of civilization.  You can see that in how women are responsible for 80% of all spending.  This is a gap of $10 trillion between women’s spending and women’s earnings.  David Frum documented this in a [Read the full post…]

May 2015 Entitlement Princess Of The Month

It’s the time of the month to select a new Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month, the winner was Imani Gandy for trying to turn the deaths of black men into something all about women. The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the [Read the full post…]

Neomasculinity Is Tradcon Entryism

InfoWars/PrisonPlanet (Alex Jones’s websites) released a youtube video about something called neomasculinity: I noticed several things about the video.  While it used game language and other language from this part of the internet, it’s clear that whoever wrote the script for that video didn’t really understand what we talk about.  MGTOW gets attacked (which has [Read the full post…]

Feminism Is Defined By The Laws And Public Policy It Has Created

I found this essay called, “Dear Moderate Feminists, You Don’t Exist” on the MensRights subreddit: This is a letter to all the moderate, armchair feminists out there. You know who you are. You’re a feminist because you believe in equality! You believe men and women should have equal rights, that feminists aren’t all a bunch [Read the full post…]

Young Men Are Refusing To Become Cannon Fodder

Today is Memorial Day in the US which means its a day to remember those who have died in war.  What group has died in war more than any other group?  Men, in particular young men, and many young men died as nothing more than cannon fodder. The modern equivalent of cannon fodder does not [Read the full post…]

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