Why Does Attacking The Tech Industry Bring Out Accusations Of Autism?

Previously, I talked about this New York Times article and the attacks on tech startups that were found in the article and the article’s comments.  The comments of that article didn’t limit themselves to attacking startups.  Men working in the tech industry were attacked for having autism or aspergers syndrome and being permanently defective: In tech [Read the full post...]

Companies Want To Get Rid Of HR. Why Can’t They?

In my last post, it was no surprise that a part of the feminist war on tech startups was their lack of a HR (Human Resources) Department.  It turns out that it isn’t just startups that want to get rid of HR.  The Wall Street Journal had an article about companies that want to get [Read the full post...]

The Feminist War On Tech Startups

This article at the New York Times is the latest hit piece on men working in the tech industry.  While it would take weeks to fully document the misandry in that article, one thing of note in the article and its comments were the attacks on startups.  In contrast, large companies and government were glorified [Read the full post...]

They Should Have Left Her In The Sewer

Justice For Men & Boys provided us with this story how a teenage girl dropped her iPhone in a sewer.  The girl decides to retrieve her phone getting stuck in a sewer drain.  A local fire department spent 15 minutes getting the girl out of the drain. I hope that no one had an actual [Read the full post...]

I Have Made A Decision

What I’m about to write may invoke strong feelings in you.  It’s a good idea to read until the end so you understand the complete context of what I’m writing. I have made a decision.  I’m going to ask Leila, my girlfriend, to marry me.  I’m not going to do it right now, but I [Read the full post...]

March 2014 Entitlement Princess Of The Month

It’s that time of the month.  Last month’s winner who won without voting was Tariqka Sheffey, a U.S. army soldier who hid in her car to avoid saluting the U.S. flag and posted a selfie on Instagram about it. The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement [Read the full post...]

#GeeksGetCovered Is Obamacare’s Latest Attack On Young Unmarried Men

Obamacare’s fatal flaw is that is requires young unmarried men to sign up for what is essentially a bachelor tax.  Young unmarried men have no reason to do that even with the fines for not having health insurance.  The White House has been looking for ways to boost Obamacare enrollment, and their latest effort targeting [Read the full post...]

Long Commutes Are Traditional But Kids Being Able To See Their Father Is Not

  Last year, WTOP, a local radio station, had a contest to see who had the worst commute.  The winner was a man who lives in Harrington, DE but works in Arlington, VA (specifically Rosslyn for those of you familiar with DC).  He has to drive from Delaware to Maryland where he gets a commuter [Read the full post...]

The Spearhead: Saturday Night Live Promotes The MRM By Accident

My latest post for The Spearhead is up.  As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead. This weekend Saturday Night Live had Lena Dunham as its host.  Because of that or perhaps because it was International Women’s Day, the writers of Saturday Night Live decided to have [Read the full post...]

Watch Feminist Helplessness This International Womens’ Day

Today is International Womens’ Day.  I know all of you are excited about it and looking for a way to celebrate it.  What you should do is watch this compilation of Feminist Bookstore clips from Portlandia: You get to see feminists having to get repair MEN to fix their air conditioner and feminists being unable [Read the full post...]

February 2014 Entitlement Princess Of The Month

It’s time for the Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month’s winner was Wendy Davis who won the award without voting.  Wendy Davis is such an entitlement princess that she deserves an entitlement princess lifetime achievement award so she deserved to win by default. The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with [Read the full post...]

Are Men Really Becoming More Feminine?

One thing you hear people say a lot is that men (en masse) are becoming more feminine due to feminism and/or environmental factors.  I’m not convinced of this.  I have noticed that any example that is supposed to show that men en masse are becoming more feminine falls into one of two categories: Men aren’t [Read the full post...]

MGTOW Forums Is Back Sort Of

Both The Spearhead and AVFM have covered what happened to the MGTOW Forums.  MGTOW Forums looks to be back in some form although there has been nothing new since 2/11 so I suspect it’s only an archive. There are plenty of other MGTOW and related forums around.  Some are new.  Some have been around for a [Read the full post...]

I Survived Valentine’s Day

I got an email recently asking if I was still with Leila and for a general update of my experiences with women.  Over time, there’s less and less of a reason to talk about my personal experiences with women.  Women are all the same so it gets repetitive unless there’s something unique to talk about.  (Also, [Read the full post...]

The Nazbol Misandrist Answer To The Mommy Wars

I have read that most women, if they had the choice, would choose part time employment.  This makes sense when you consider that most women are nazbol misandrist by default.  The mommy wars are about women working full time vs. being mothers full time, but most women don’t want one or the other.  They want [Read the full post...]

How To Dismantle the Wage Gap Myth with Two Questions

I found this video on how to dismantle the wage gap myth with two questions: The two questions are: Why hire men? Who is in on the conspiracy (to pay women less)? While I told you the two questions, you should still watch the video.  He goes into greater detail.

Game 2.1: The (50 Shades Of) Grey Pill Women

I haven’t had the time to follow what the red pill women are doing.  Fortunately, Laura Grace Robbins has, and she has pointed out that the red pill women are really the grey pill women (as in the 50 Shades of Grey): I think a lot of the issues stems from women coming off a [Read the full post...]

January 2014 Entitlement Princess Of The Month

It’s time for the Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month’s winner with 72% of the vote was the unnamed woman who cheated on her husband while he was away working on a oil rig in the North Sea. The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new [Read the full post...]

Your Expertise Oppresses Women

I’m sure lots of my readers like me are experts in some are if not multiple areas.  It turns out that a man being an expert in something is oppressing women as The Good Mangina Project tells us: I’ve spoken with other guys in the [tech] industry and it seems pretty mixed. Not the management [Read the full post...]

Vagina Software

All successful computer software falls into one of two categories.  Either it provides enjoyment to the end user (i.e. video games), or it gets some type of work done for the user (i.e. Microsoft Office, Turbo Tax, etc.)  Software that doesn’t fall into one of these two categories is pretty much guaranteed to be a [Read the full post...]

A Wearable Gaming Exoskeleton

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, was this week, and one of the products demonstrated there was a wearable gaming exoskeleton by PrioVR: This wearable gaming exoskeleton is one of the many innovative haptic devices that will drive the development of VR sex.  PrioVR has a half body and a full body variant so either half [Read the full post...]